Which 3 Patterns Look Best on You?

Brian Whitney

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Before we get started, we know that some of you are into solids, but we think those into solids are just people who haven't figured out what patterns they're into yet. We're here to fix that. When it comes to fashion, patterns come and go, There are always going to be the old classics that never go out of style, just as there will be new patterns coming in and vying to take their place. The key is to find out what classic patterns totally fit your style and stick with them, while at the same point weaving in some new fashion as you go.

The colors, design, and complexities of patterns are what attracts so many designers to come up with them, and what makes so many people die to wear them. Patterns are usually made of geometric shapes such as stripes or plaid, imitations of natural or manmade objects, or abstract motifs for those of us who are a tad daring.

Whether you're walking down the runway at the new pret -a-porter show in Paris, or trying to find something to wear so you can go down to the local convenience store for milk, there are some patterns that look better on you than others. Take this quiz and we'll let you know which 3 they are. 

If you had to sum it up in a few words, what would your life's purpose be?

Do you tend to be a picky eater, or would you try anything?

When it's time to shop, where do you do most of your food shopping?

Do you try and eat all organic foods?

When it's time for new clothes, where do you buy them?

You just woke up, how do you like your coffee?

It's time to vote, how worked up are you about who wins?

What are cool clothes without cool shoes? How many pairs do you own?

Do you feel bad about yourself if you've put on a few extra pounds?

Do your friends consider you trendy?

Cleanliness counts. Kind of. About how many times in a week do you take a shower?

You're going to Florida for a vacation, do you go tanning first?

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon, what are you doing?

It's pizza time! What are you having on it?

It's time to watch some TV, what are you watching?

Which of the following professions would you be best at?

Which kind of facial hair do you find most attractive?

Were you totally popular in high school?

You're in the mood to see a band, who do you see?

It's time for a trip, where are you going to go?

Be honest, how much do you recycle?

There's a huge blizzard outside, what do you do?

You're in a band, who are you in it?

Has anyone ever called you a hipster?

Education is important, to some people anyway, how far did you go in school?

How seriously do you take things when you're in a committed relationship?

Flannel is back in, how many flannel shirts do you own?

It's time to buy a new pair of shoes, where are you shopping?

Just about everyone uses social media now, which is your platform of choice?

The music just started playing at the club, do you go out and dance?

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