Which 1st Person Shooter Should You Play?

Jody Mabry

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About This Quiz

First person shooter games exploded in the 1990s and have only grown. Simply put, first person shooters are all about shooting and blowing things up. Who doesn't love that? Take this quiz to see which first person shooter game you should play next!

Do you like modern or old-school video games?

Who is your favorite shooter target?

Which do you need in a game?

Are you really that good at first person shooters?

Which gaming system do you play?

Which game first turned you on to first person shooters?

What is your first person style of play?

What's your weapon of choice?

Well, your team is dead. What do you do?

Do you prefer single or multi-player?

Which time period do you belong?

What kind of a map do you prefer?

Do you prefer campaigns or free-play mode?

How important is the ability to aim?

What is the most important thing to customize?

How do you like to get your health?

Which is your favorite 1980s video game?

What is your longest consecutive gaming experience?

What is your gaming snack?

How much blood do you like to see in the game?

How do you like your enemies to come at you?

When playing with other players, who are you?

Which type of games do you prefer?

An enemy attacks close and quick, what do you do?

A sniper is shooting at you, what do you do?

What is your favorite way to take out an enemy when you don't have a gun or ammo?

Do you ever dream as if you are in a first person shooter?

Has anyone ever broken up with you because of your gaming?

How aggressive are you when you play?

What is the best thing a first person shooter has done for you?

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