Which 1st Gen Gym Leader Are You?

Kennita Leon

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To be a gym leader means you have to be the best of the best. And we're throwing it back to the original gym leaders of Pokemon. Which one would you be?

Everyone needs a starter Pokemon. Which would you have chosen?

How long do you think it would have taken you to become a gym leader?

Which city are you starting you quest out in?

Which badge would look the best in your collection?

What kind of Pokemon are you bringing with you?

Which Pokemon stat would you focus on getting stronger?

Which of the elite four are you most afraid to go up against?

Ash has Pikachu. Who's your favorite Pokemon?

As a trainer, which city would you want to be in charge of?

Someone challenges you, but you're not up for it. What do you do?

An enemy refuses to quit. How would you handle them?

If you won your battle, how would you react?

What's your least favorite type of Pokemon?

Which Pokemon trainer (from any season) would be your best friend?

You need to enter a contest to hold onto your reputation. Which do you enter?

How long do you think it'd take for one of your Pokemon to evolve?

Which Eeveelution would you want to have?

Which trainer class are you most likely to be in?

What do you think about Ash Ketchum?

When you're not battling, what would you be doing?

What's the key to victory?

Would you ever close your gym to go travel and learn more about Pokemon?

How big of a Pokemon fan are you?

How long have you been a Pokemon fan?

What was your favorite subject in high school?

What was your favorite childhood game?

Which Pokemon game is your favorite?

Who's your all-time favorite Pokemon character (Pokemon included)?

If legendary Pokemon were real, which one would you want to have?

If you could never watch Pokemon again, what other show would you watch?

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