Where Should Your Next Piercing Be?

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Piercings and body modification of any kind are not for the weak. In fact, only those who march to the beat of their own drum and like taking risks love things like this. And because you're here reading this, you're probably one of those people. So we want to do you a solid and find out just where you should add your next piercing or body modification! 

Should you go traditional and virtually unnoticeable by piercing your ear? Just about everyone has an ear piercing so you won't stand out too much if that's what you end up doing. Do you want to go a step further by piercing your nose? While this one is more noticeable, it still isn't very out there. You could probably even get away with it if you have a regular office job. Or would you like to hide your piercing by day and make it shine by night? Is a belly piercing your thing? Or should you just go for it, take the plunge and pierce your eyebrow? 

If you want to find out which of these places you should get pierced next, take this quiz. And be sure to let us know if you really went through with it or not! 

How Goth are you?

Do you need to fit into the suburbs?

Do you work in a white collar industry?

How creative are you?

How squeamish are you?

Are you feeling naughty?

Do you have a high pain threshold?

Do you tend to scar easily?

Are you planning to be pregnant in the near future?

Do you want your piercing to move when you do?

Who would you like to offend?

Who would you like to impress?

Do you like to be traditionally feminine?

Do you already have an ear piercing?

Does your religion comment on piercings?

Do you fear infection?

How humid a climate do you live in?

Do you know how to accessorize?

Do you go on a lot of job interviews?

Do you have a photo of yourself on LinkedIn?

Do you consider yourself a rebel?

Do you have any tattoos?

Do you have any scars you're trying to detract from?

Do you have bangs?

Do you sunbathe often?

Do you have sinus issues?

If you were to get a new tattoo, what would it be?

Do you anticipate changing careers ever?

What sort of jewelry do you like?

Do you want something you can do yourself?

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