Where Should You Go on Spring Break?

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About This Quiz

You have worked so hard throughout the winter. It's time to take yourself on a Spring Break, but where should you go? This quiz will help you decide, and send you off for the time of your life!

Who will go on Spring Break with you?

What activity would you most like to do on Spring Break?

What country would you most like to visit?

How will you travel to Spring Break?

What do you most like to do at the beach?

Where might you go camping?

What new thing would you like to try on Spring Break?

Which word best describes your vacation style?

Will you also take a summer break?

Is spring your favorite season?

What are you most likely to read on Spring Break?

How do you occupy your time on long flights?

Do you get motion sickness?

What souvenir are you most likely to buy on Spring Break?

Do you like to travel?

What type of cruise are you most likely to take?

What is the one thing you always travel with?

What U.S. city would you consider vacationing in?

Where would you not like to go on Spring Break?

What do you always forget to pack when you go on a trip?

What extra item will you hide in your luggage?

How much money will spend on Spring Break?

What drink are you most likely to order most on Spring Break?

Which of the Seven Wonders would you like to see?

Which language would you most like to learn?

Which cuisine do you prefer?

How far will you travel for Spring Break?

Are you an adventurous traveler?

Which dish are you most likely to order on vacation?

Which celebrity would you love to travel with?

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