Where Should You Go to Elope?

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You want to get married, but the dramatic, expensive deal is not for you. You want your marriage to be about the two of you, so you plan to elope! Find out where to go to tie the knot!

If you did have a large wedding, what wedding theme would you choose?

How dressed up will you get for your ceremony?

Will you write your own vows?

What flowers would you want used in your wedding?

Are you keeping your wedding plans secret?

What color will you wear when you get married?

How long have you been a couple?

How would others describe you as a couple?

What will you do on your wedding night?

What trait do you most like in another?

Who will perform your wedding ceremony?

Where will you live when you get married?

Will you hold a reception?

Which wedding gift would you most like to receive?

Which wedding gift are you most likely to regift?

When it comes to your relationship, who do you get advice from?

Which holiday would you consider as a wedding date?

Which television couple do you find most romantic?

Do you think you are the next of your friends to get married?

Do you plan to have children?

What do you think you might miss about a larger wedding?

Will you take anyone with you to elope?

How do you think your partner would describe you?

What drink will you use to toast your nuptials?

How will you let people know that you got married?

Who is your best relationship role model?

What do you love most about your partner?

Will you go on a honeymoon?

Why do you want to elope?

Do you feel prepared for marriage?

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