Where in England Are You Destined to Live?

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England may be undergoing crazy changes right now, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great place to live. Alas, it's not the cutesy land that Richard Curtis portrays in movies like "Notting Hill" (where a four-bedroom house now costs £3m), but it is something much better: a place where you can find enormous diversity of culture, lifestyle and opportunity, all within a few hours' drive.

Whatever you want, England has it! If you're a driven professional with no kids yet, you can move to East London and live in a diverse area with near-zero unemployment, and enjoy regular weekends or business trips to dozens of cultures within a cheap, quick flight. If you're a growing family who needs more space but still wants access to airports and the city, you can slot in neatly to any of dozens of commuter towns, from the London commuter belt to further-out options like Southampton or Brighton, where the jobs are plentiful and the landscape beautiful.

If you're all about community, blackberry-picking in little country lanes, and visiting cathedrals and stately homes, you can locate yourself in any of thousands of little villages that may not be too friendly to strangers, but will eventually adopt you and protect you like one of their own. If you're an aspiring country bumpkin who only needs a great internet connection to do your job, be aware that proper broadband has been deemed a human right in England, and that means you'll have great access from your faraway cottage. You can head north to the Lakes, Pennines or Broads and get away from everyone else even as you continue to make a living.

All this, and yet it's never very hot, very cold, very humid or very snowy. England truly has it all. Let's find out where you'd belong!

Do you want to know your neighbors?

How important is proximity to high culture?

How many restaurants do you need to survive?

What industry do you work in?

Do you like the great outdoors?

England is just a one or two-hour flight from multiple foreign countries. How often do you intend to fly abroad?

Do you have kids?

How many dogs would you like to have?

What's your idea of a lovely Sunday afternoon?

Do you participate in community events?

Do you love to take quick weekend trips?

What annoys you the most in the city?

How long a commute is acceptable?

Do you like driving?

Do you dream of a working hearth?

What sort of house do you want to live in?

What sort of weather do you like?

Can you deal with tourists?

What cool English landmark would you like to visit more than once?

What sort of body of water would you like to have nearby?

Who is your idea of the neighbor from hell?

Do you own a really great pair of walking boots?

Do you look good in a Barbour jacket?

What sort of train is the best train?

Can you stand the quiet?

Do you need private outdoor space?

Do you care about access to good elementary or secondary schools?

Do you intend to own any pets besides dogs?

How important is a big eat-in kitchen?

Do you want to be around lots of expats?

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