Where in Canada Should You Live?

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Canada covers barely four million square miles and has the largest coastline in the world. It has mountains, prairies, Arctic tundra, rainforests, marshlands and even some scorching hot parts where the temperature routinely hits over 30 Celsius in the summer. It's got pretty much everything you'd want from small and quaint little towns to massive metropolitan areas full of the hustle and bustle that keeps the world moving. And also space. Lots and lots of empty space. So if you want to find a place to live in Canada, you have a lot of things to consider before you make that final choice. 

Choosing where to go isn't always an easy choice with all the things you need to consider. Is work a consideration? Climate? Terrain? Wildlife? Access to delicious snacks and movie theaters? There's a whole heck of a lot to consider that you might not even think about right off the top of your head. Lucky for you, we're here to help! We can figure you out better than you can figure yourself out based on just a few simple questions that cut to the core of who you are and what you want. You'll be setting up shop in your new Canadian digs in no time. Take the quiz and see!

What are you hoping to see when you look out your window on January 1st?

If you need to pick up some milk and eggs, how are you getting to the store?

How close can you be to a neighbor before it becomes annoying?

Tell us what you want your backyard to look like.

How important is it to have a variety of different restaurants nearby?

Canada isn't known for being a tropical paradise. How cold can you handle it?

What's the greatest food in all of Canada?

As a Canadian, you're required to have a favorite hockey team. What's yours?

To be truly Canadian you should probably have a favorite CFL team. Pick one!

You know you watch Canadian TV. What was the best show Canada ever made?

Is there a Canadian musician that you like more than any other?

Canadian wildlife is pretty famous but what animal is more of a nuisance than people realize?

What's the best flavor of potato chips?

So what's the greatest Canadian Heritage minute commercial of them all?

How much do you like being around other people anyway?

Is being near water important to you when you pick a home?

What's the most overrated city in all of Canada?

A lot of great comedians come from Canada: Who's the funniest?

Do you want to be close to the arts scene?

When you step off your doorstep at night, what do you want to experience?

If you couldn't live in Canada, where else would you like to be?

Do you want to have room to build on your property sometime in the future?

Do the noises of a city annoy you?

Is entertaining in your house something you like to do?

What does your dream house look like anyway?

What's the best tourist attraction in all of Canada?

Pick a Canadian animal to keep as an (outdoor) pet!

If you're making yourself a meal, what's the most likely centerpiece of that meal?

What kind of weather do you like the least?

Is there any place in Canada you don't want to live?

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