Where are you in the wolf pack?

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As humans, we feel that we are above wolves because of our ability to progress as a civilization, but when it comes to building their own little tribes and societies, wolves simply can't be beaten.  Every wolf in its society knows exactly what role it has, and every wolf is also totally suited to its role. 

The Alpha is the leader of the pack, and usually the toughest wolf.  They make all the tough choices and decide what is going on, when it is going to happen, and dictate roles in the pack. Betas are the right-hand man of the Alpha, they help with the hunts and with keeping the pack in line, and every once in a while they try to take over the Alpha wolf's role. Then you have Deltas, who are the leaders of the middle of the pack. Then come Iotas, who are pups that just grew up to adults or newcomers to the pack who have yet to prove themselves. Then you have the Omegas, who are wolves who are either troublemakers, or disrespectful, basically, these are the wolves that don't care a whole lot about rules, or what they are expected to do in the pack! Take this quiz to find out where you rank in the wolf pack.

You got cast on Survivor! What is your strategy?

You are stranded on a boat with three other people. One of them falls into the ocean. What do you do?

Which would be the most likely thing for you to do when in a group?

You're in a club trying to meet someone. How do you do it?

You disagree with your teacher about something in class. What do you do?

Did you pick on people in high school?

You are a Red Sox fan and you move to New York. Do you start rooting for the Yankees?

Who are you in the band?

Which Beatle are you?

Would you make a good boss?

You and your partner are going out. Where do you go?

Your best friend committed a crime. What do you do?

There is one piece of pizza left. Who gets it?

Who are you on Game of Thrones?

What would you rather do in your village?

What is your greatest quality?

What are you in a crime thriller?

A monster is after you! What do you do?

You find out your partner is cheating on you. What do you do?

Why did you venture into another pack's territory?

How often do you work out?

How much do you like having other people around?

You hear someone say that your best friend is ugly. What do you do?

Pick a Baldwin.

Which movie do you like best?

You're losing a fight you can't win. What do you do?

Who are you on Seinfeld?

Would you lie to get something you want?

Pick a rapper.

What is your view on life?

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