When Will Your Stars Align?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Barbara Taeger Photography / Moment / Getty Images

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Knowing what the future holds is one of the most sought-after talents. Stock market prognosticators are paid huge fortunes to predict just when specific sections of the economy may rise and fall, and even they can't do this without the aid of complicated computer models and masses of data gleaned from thousands of sources.

Often it can feel like we don't have any control over our destiny. So many things are outside our circles of influence, but that doesn't mean we don't influence them. Just as one gear in a clock influences the movement of hands, we all have power over the world around us, even if it is indirect influence. The idea of the stars holding sway over our lives comes from an ancient Greek belief in something called the Prime Mover, which we might call "God" or "the Creator," which lives far away from Earth, separated by "the spheres" which include bands of stars and the moon, before ending with Earth. They believed the Prime Mover worked its will on us the way a spring works the hands of a clock; the Prime Mover moved the spheres, which influenced us, as a spring motivates gears which move the hands of the clock.

While in the end we can be the Prime Mover of our own lives, some of what happens to us is just up to the universe and out of our hands. We can tell you when the stars will align for you, but only you can make things happen when the time is right. Take this quiz and begin your journey.

What do you plan to do once you've achieved your dream?

How selfish are your goals?

From which of these people are you most likely to take life advice?

How important to you is success as you define it?

At what time of day do you feel most motivated to do work?

Who do you view as most discouraging of your chosen life's path?

How do you feel about debts?

What kinds of events do you usually see as signs?

How do you view your life's ups and downs?

What do you believe contains a soul, other than a human being?

In what season were you born?

How often do you look for opportunities to achieve your dreams?

How often do you attend organized religious services?

What sacrifice have you made for your career?

How often do you find yourself measuring your successes against those of your age cohort?

What time of day makes you feel most creative?

How closely do you follow the instructions given in your horoscope?

How long have you been working to achieve your dreams?

Who would you pay money to for mentorship on how to achieve your dreams?

When does ill fate most often befall you?

When do you feel lucky?

How often do you find that you preface questions with some sort of explanation or excuse for the meat of the question?

How prepared are you for your big break?

How much of your income is reinvested in making your dreams a reality?

What companion do you have on your journey to your dreams?

How hesitant are you to act when you see something you view as a sign of providence smiling?

When do you want the tide to turn in your favor?

What is the worst thing that could happen if the stars never align for you?

How ambitious are you?

What person in your life did the most to encourage you in your chosen path?

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