Are You More Right Brained or Left Brained in Parenting?

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It is often said that our right brains control our creativity and our left brains control our logic. Let's find out if you are a left brain or a right brain oriented parent!

What are you most likely to make your kids for dinner tonight?

How strict are you as a parent?

How many children do you hope to have?

What kind of pet would you allow your kids to adopt?

Where would you take the kids on a hot summer day?

Where would you like to go for a family vacation?

What kind of leader would your kids call you?

What about your kids makes you proudest?

What would you do if you caught your child smoking?

What kind of kid's birthday party would you throw?

What would you prefer to be called when you are a grandparent?

In your opinion, what do you think children need the most?

What was your favorite high school subject?

What do you usually make for breakfast?

What movie would you watch with your kids?

What is the one thing you wish for your kids?

Would you make a good kindergarten teacher?

Which celebrity do you think is the best role model for kids?

How would you ground your child?

Do you children have chores?

What pizza topping do your kids like most?

Do you like to help your kids with projects?

If you worked at a school, what job would you have?

What do you do when your child makes a mistake?

What do you feel like you spend the most time doing with your kids?

Are your children a lot like you?

What sport would you and your kids make the best team playing?

Which word best describes your oldest child?

What do you make sure your child always has when they leave home?

What animal is your youngest child most like?

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