What’s Your Witch Look?

Isadora Teich

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About This Quiz

There's no denying that witchcraft and a witchy aesthetic are all the rage! However, there are many ways to embrace it. Whether your witch look is earthy and garden-ready, glamorous Victorian goth or something else entirely, there is no wrong way to embrace all things witchy. So, are you decked out in crystals and covered in tarot tattoos, or do you like all things dark and spooky? Is your witchy ideal more Anne Rice vampire or pure punk? Let's see where you fall. 

Answer these questions about your tastes, favorites, loves, and hates, and we will try to guess the perfect witch look for you to wear whether you are gossiping around the water cooler or the cauldron. If you want to have a perfect look from head to toe that is truly spellbinding, this is the perfect quiz for your spooky soul. We will build a truly awe-inspiring witch look for you, as long as you promise not to hex us! See whether you are the kind of witch who rocks timeless all-black outfits like someone out of an editorial, or the kind of witch with a charming vintage flair. Get ready to get your spell-casting boots on! 

About what percentage of your wardrobe is vintage pieces?

How often do you wear black?

Which type of clothing do you appreciate most?

Which color lipstick speaks to you most?

Would you ever do black magic?

How much jewelry do you usually wear on a daily basis?

Of these shoes, which are you most attracted to?

Which kind of familiar would you rather have to help you with spell work?

Do you favor a more androgynous aesthetic for yourself?

Which type of pendant would you rather have?

Which hairstyle do you most want to try?

Would you ever casually wear a cape?

What type of magic would you rather be an expert in?

Many celebrities have been thought to be witches or involved in the occult. Which of these famous suspected witches has a look that you love the most?

Would you ever cast love spells?

How polished do you like to look?

Are you attracted to clothing that's frilly or incredibly classically feminine?

Would you like to fly around on a broomstick?

How comfortable are you in revealing clothing?

When would you rather cast spells?

Which ring would you rather wear?

What inspires you the most when it comes to fashion?

Of these nail styles, which appeals to you more?

Would you want any cursed objects in your collection?

How would you rather cast spells?

Which piece of clothing would you rather own?

Minimalism is in. Are you into it?

Are you into using tools to help you cast spells?

Which crystal do you resonate with most?

Would you ever wear your zodiac sign on your clothes or jewelry?

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