What's Your Smartphone Addiction?

Joshua Laurent

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About This Quiz

It's amazing the world we know can be held in the palms of our hands. It seems to exponentially grow month to month. You may or may not realize it, but you've got an addiction.

What factor was the biggest in picking your phone case?

How often do you talk on your phone?

How loyal are you to Android or iPhone?

What social media app do you use the most?

How many texts do you think you send or receive in a day?

Do you use the GPS option on your phone?

What do you take the most pictures of with your phone?

How many phone chargers do you own?

Do you get most of your news from your phone?

How many of the phone numbers in your phone do you know by heart?

Have you ever taken a photo with your phone you regret?

Do you take a lot of quizzes like this one?

What would be a fun night out for you?

Where do you crave the most attention online?

Did you get into Candy Crush or Pokemon Go?

What would happen if someone took your phone away for a day?

Are you an iPhone or Droid person?

How long have you owned a smartphone?

Do you prefer swipe or button texting?

What is your monthly cell phone bill?

Have you ever ended a relationship over text?

What is your data plan?

How long are you on your phone before falling asleep at night?

What do you think about technology overall?

Which celebrity do you most identify with?

At what age should a child be allowed to have a smartphone?

Have you ever cracked your screen?

What percentage of your phone use is for streaming music or video?

How many phone numbers do you have in your phone

What did people do before smartphones?

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