What’s Your Sexiest Trait?

Ian Fortey

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that's certainly true to some degree. In general, it means that beauty is subjective and it certainly does extend well beyond the eye. Anyone who's ever fallen in love on the internet without actually seeing the other person knows this. A person can be incredibly attractive to us, sight unseen. As much as we seem to be a society obsessed with the physical, this is really a fairly well-known and well-accepted truth. Physical beauty is like whipped cream on your frappuccino. It's the personality that really pulls you in and makes it something real, something with depth and meaning. A physical attraction can never go beyond the physical without that.

So what is it that makes you sexy? What do people see in you beyond what they literally see? Sometimes it's obvious to us, especially if we're loaded down with self-confidence. Some people just know they ooze charm or have a killer sense of humor. But the rest of us? Maybe that's not always the case. Learning what traits you have that others find attractive can be a process, but we're here to help. Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll tell you exactly what people find so sexy. Take the quiz and see!

What's your go-to for meeting new people?

How many times per month would you say you go out on a date either with someone new or your partner?

Which of these would be the best date idea for you?

What kind of email address did you choose for yourself?

Are you the kind of person who plays hard to get?

What kind of moves do you bring to the dance floor?

Do you give good advice to people?

You don't ever succumb to road rage, do you?

If you saw the most beautiful person you'd ever seen in your life across the room, what would you do about it?

Do you kiss on the first date?

What would make someone instantly unattractive to you?

You're a sweet person, right? How do you like your pie?

How many digits are you racking up in a given month?

Would you rather call or text?

It's karaoke night! Are you going to take the stage!

Do you prefer to make the first move, or do you hold back and have them do it?

We're getting some ice cream cones! Pick your flavor.

If you were planning a romantic vacation, what would be your ideal destination?

Do you ever use pet names like "hon" or "darlin'" when talking to people?

Are you a touchy-feely person? Do you like to give out hugs or touch people's arms when you talk to them?

What's the first physical thing you notice about someone you find attractive?

In terms of personality, what's guaranteed to attract you to a person?

Have most of your relationships ended by your choice or their choice?

Are you excited to have someone you're dating meet your family?

Is a going to a movie a good date idea or not?

What would you most like to be doing on a Friday night all by yourself?

How about a vocabulary question? Do you cuss like a trucker?

Time to get a little critical. What do you think is your biggest flaw?

If you're going out to eat on a date, where do you want to go the most?

What do you do to have a good time anyway?

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