What’s Your Sex Style?

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Sex is a natural part of human life and interaction, but we really are reluctant to discuss the ins and outs openly, so to speak. Sure the biological aspects can be taught in schools, and then there are some unseemly aspects you'll see in videos but the rest? That's often overlooked. 

There just aren't a lot of forums where normal people can discuss their sex lives in a normal way. We look at it as being taboo, awkward, or too private. For all the people who would want that there are many more who couldn't bring themselves to do it. So that means the rest of us are often left to figure things out on our own. And don't feel too bad about that, it's still kind of fun, right? But it does leave you open to some questions about not just others but yourself. How do you compare to other people? Where do you fit in? What exactly is your sex style anyway?

Everyone approaches their sex life differently and maybe you never even thought about it before. What is your style? What is your method? What makes you tick when you're getting down and dirty. Want to find out? Why not take the quiz and see!

Have you ever found yourself with your lips pressed against those of someone whose name you don't even know?

Has there ever been a time when you and your partner decided to immortalize your sexy times on video?

What would you describe as the best kind of kiss?

What's the highest number of people you'd consider having a sexual encounter with at the same time?

Do you feel like you need to be in love with someone before getting sexual with them?

Is sex in the great outdoors the sort of thing you find inspiring?

Have you ever used something like Tinder to meet someone just for a hookup?

Texting is a great way to keep in touch but sexting has a bit more panache. Do you ever partake?

Do you like to plan out a night with your partner or are you a little more into spontaneity?

Do you think you'd be willing to perform a strip tease to turn on your partner?

Sometimes music can really set the mood. Do you have a sex playlist?

Would you be willing to get a little frisky with someone else watching you?

Have you ever had sex with someone that you'd just met that same day?

Sometimes you can get a little carried away in the heat of the moment. Ever injured yourself?

They say men think about sex every 10 seconds or so, which is likely impossible. Some people think about it more than others though. How often do you think about it?

Given the choice would you rather have an intimate encounter in the shower or in the rain?

We use "going to bed" as a euphemism but no one's saying you need to actually do it in your bed. Ever try it standing up?

Have you ever used the backseat of your car for more than just passengers?

Have you mastered the fine art of dirty talk?

Is sex something you need to have every day or not?

Do you ever make use of toys when you're having fun with a partner?

How important is sex to having a healthy relationship?

You can't be in the mood all the time, right? What's something you'd rather experience than sex?

Tough one here. Would you rather give up your phone and the internet or sex?

Is there a particular "type" of person you find attractive?

Even though the internet is awash in videos and images that are free, have you ever paid to for porn?

Are you more or less likely to hook up with a stranger when you go on vacation?

Would you ever buy an outfit or a costume of some kind that was meant only for sex?

Say you and your partner are running a little late for dinner. Any chance you'll have a quickie before you go anyway?

Has anyone ever told you that you were the best at a specific act?

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