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Professional wrestling has been around for nearly a century. Its roots are in traditional Greco-Roman wrestling, but also in circus strongmen, sideshow geeks, and comic book superheroes. Pro wrestling as we think of it today really took shape under the auspices of what is now called the WWE. In the 1970s and 1980s, the WWE (then the WWF) consolidated the regional wrestling shows under its umbrella, and in the early 2000s, stomped out its few remaining competitors, including the absorption of Ted Turner's WCW. In that time, the art of character creation flourished. Wrestling characters are flamboyant, larger than life and reflected in their ring names.

Some of the most memorable wrestlers are remembered because of their great ring names. Sergeant Slaughter was cool enough to get his own G.I. Joe figurine. Hulk Hogan's identity was so strong that he had to change his name to Hollywood Hulk Hogan when he joined the heels in the New World Order (NWO). Maven's name spoke to his religious and ethnic identity. Gold Dust's name was the summation of his entire aesthetic.

Let's get into the ring. We'll put you through some basic tests that will determine the kind of wrestler you'd be and what your identity would be. From that we will determine your ring name, so you can go learn some "rastling" and try out for Vince McMahon. Just remember, once you're in the NWO, brother, you're in the NWO 4 life!

When you enter the arena, what sort of music would play?

Which of these statements are you likely to make after a match you won?

When do you plan to retire from pro wrestling?

What kind of fanfare would signal your entrance?

What signs of an injury will you bear throughout your career?

How would you approach the ring?

What foreign object would you favor in a fight in the ring?

How might you go after opponents outside of the ring?

What sort of other wrestler would be your buddy?

In a group of wrestlers, what role would you play?

If you had just won a major match and a group of wrestlers friendly to your opponent were to surround the ring, what would you do?

Which of these circumstances would you most easily be able to turn to your advantage?

What sort of person would accompany you to the ring?

How substantial would your wrestling outfit be?

With what group of wrestlers would you consider aligning yourself?

How would you style your hair?

What would you wear while approaching the ring before the actual match?

What would you do in the ring before beginning a match?

How would you really rub it in when you won?

How dirty are you willing to play?

In which weight division would you fit?

Which of these catchphrases would you consider?

How likely would you flip and either go heel or go hero?

Would you want to make movies under the auspices of the WWE?

How likely is it you'll change personas at some point in your wrestling career?

Do you have an eye on becoming part of the management of your wrestling organization?

What would you say when approached for comment after a loss?

What would you do in the immediate aftermath of winning a match?

What's the most extreme stunt you'd be willing to pull?

How would you describe your physique as a wrestler?

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