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The countdown begins! Along with an interconnected and captivating plot, this movie has tons of famous faces. Test your knowledge of the 2011 film, New Year's Eve, with this challenging quiz!

According to the narrator at the movie's introduction, why do people celebrate a new year?

The narrator mentions that New Year's Eve is a special celebration where millions of people across the globe “celebrate the hope of the new year.” The narrator is Jessica Biel, who appears in this 2011 film.


Where does the movie take place?

The film is set in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. NYC is iconic and known for its extravagant New Year’s Eve celebrations. The film follows couples and singles as they celebrate the holiday.


What job title does Claire Morgan have?

Vice President of the Times Square Alliance, that is. Over a billion people will be gathered together for the ball drop that night! She is orchestrating the festivities.


Who plays the character named Paul?

Paul is played by the popular Zac Efron. He delivers packages to people on his motorbike. One women whom he delivers to, joins him on some fun escapades in the film.


What is the name of the woman who is pregnant in the film?

Tess is the name of the character played by Jessica Biel. Tess is at a hospital maternity ward with her husband, ready for the birth of their first child. The two battle with another couple over a grand prize for the first baby born in the new year.


How much is the prize for the first baby born in the new year at the hospital?

Jessica Biel’s character, Tess, overhears another couple discussing the $25,000 prize. She decides that she wants to take a shot at winning. Her husband, Griffin, mentions that winning could help him pay off his student loans.


Ashton Kutcher plays which character?

Randy, played by Ashton Kutcher, is Paul’s roommate and best friend. The first scene he is in involves him tearing down decorations that neighbors had put up in his building.


Why doesn't Randy like New Year's Eve?

Randy mentions that someone broke his heart and that is why he doesn’t feel festive. He explains this to a girl he meets in the elevator. Randy is an illustrator for comics, which the girl doesn’t seem to respect.


Rory and Trish are married in a ceremony witnessed by whom?

Josh Duhamel plays the role of Sam, the couple's best friend. Sam is an executive with Ahern Records. The newlyweds ask him if he will see the woman he met the previous year, with whom he had some chemistry.


What is Katherine Heigl’s role in the movie?

She is catering an event. Her name is Laura in the film. She finds out that someone she once dated is responsible for getting the big catering gig.


Ava is played by what actress?

Ava works for Laura and it seems like she has the hots for Daniel Jensen, the musician the two are working for.


Who is Jensen?

Jensen is actually the ex-boyfriend of Laura, played by Katherine Heigl. He is a very popular musician in the film. We find out throughout the film that the two had dated and have a complicated history. In real life, the man who plays Jensen is a successful musician - Jon Bon Jovi!


What is the theme of the New Year's Eve Gala?

The gala is a hot (and exclusive) party that everyone is talking about and wants to go to! This year, the theme is Masquerade. Paul is the character who ends up with the tickets.


What is the name of the teenaged girl in the film?

Hailey’s story involves a young man named Seth. She wants him to be her New Year's kiss. When she finally reaches him, she is disappointed by what she sees.


What does Hailey see when she finally finds Seth at Times Square?

Hailey sneaks off to try to meet up with her crush, Seth, but when she does, she sees him kissing another girl! It turns out to be a misunderstanding, though, as Seth was not the one to instigate the kiss.


Who is Hailey’s mom?

Kim’s character is played by Sarah Jessica Parker. She is a clothing designer. She wants to watch the ball drop with her teenaged daughter, Hailey, but Hailey has other hopes for her New Year's Eve.


What character is played by Ludacris?

Chris “Ludacris” Bridges is cast in the film as a Police Officer named Brendan. He helps his friend, Claire, who is the Vice President of Times Square events.


Who works for Ahern Records?

Ingrid is played by Michelle Pfeiffer. She quits after almost getting hit by a car, receiving barely anything for her work bonus, and also running into difficulty when trying to take time off from work. Sam, the friend from the wedding, also works for Ahern Records.


What is one thing that Ingrid Withers want to accomplish before the New Year?

For one of her New Year's resolutions, Ingrid wants to save a life. Zac Efron’s character, Paul, is going to help her.


What does Ingrid Withers give Paul, in return for his help?

Ingrid gives Paul tickets to the New Year's Gala event. These are very exclusive tickets, which she received because she worked at a big record company. The two enter a win-win situation, as they both benefit from the deal.


What problem does Robert De Niro's character face this film?

Robert De Niro plays a character named Stan. He is in the hospital, in the final stages of cancer, and he refuses chemotherapy. His last wish is to see the ball drop at midnight.


Which actress plays Stan’s nurse?

Halle Berry's character in the film is Aimee. The doctor she works for reveals that Stan will not make it very long. Aimee empathizes with his situation and helps him complete his one last request.


What happens to Ashton Kutcher's character, Randy, in the elevator?

Randy enters the elevator with a girl after telling her he is responsible for ripping down all the decorations, since they are not permitted under the apartment complex’s rules.


What apartment does the new girl live in?

Elise, the new girl in the apartment building, gets stuck in the elevator with Randy. She is played by Lea Michele, who got a big break after starring in the famous musical show, Glee!


Jessica Biel's character tries to schedule what?

Tess wants to schedule a C-section at midnight with her doctor, so that they can win the prize money. The doctor is astonished and refuses, even after the couple try to cut her a deal!


Where does Paul take Ingrid so she can “go to Bali?”

Although it is actually located in Brooklyn, the spa gives the feeling that Ingrid Withers is actually in a tropical paradise. She is very pleased with Paul's witty twist on the resolution she wanted to accomplish.


What does Hailey call her mom?

Hailey’s friend, Piper, has a very over-protective mom who controls her life. Hailey is insinuating that her mother is being very controlling.


Which two characters form an interesting bond in the hospital as the holiday approaches?

Halle Berry and Robert De Niro’s characters, Aimee and Stan, form a special bond. She helps him achieve his last wish after learning that he is terminally ill. He is actually the father of another character, Claire. Claire ends up meeting her father and taking him to the roof to watch the festivities.


What does Hailey do once she gets to her mom’s house?

Her mom almost catches her on the train but doesn’t quite make it. Hailey is off to find a boy named Seth! Her mom is able to find her, finally, at Times Square.


What critter does Ingrid take home?

One of Ingrid's wishes is to save a life, so she adopts a pet dog and saves it from a shelter. “Save a life, adopt a pet” is the shelter’s slogan.


"So when that ball drops, let's remember to be nice to each other—kind to each other. Not just tonight, but all year long." Who says this?

Claire’s character is played by Hillary Swank! She is the organizer of the Times Square events. The ball stops halfway up, as it is being raised, and she takes the opportunity to give a thoughtful speech about the trials and tribulations of the year.


What does the girl in the elevator end up doing?

Elise, who gets stuck on the elevator, is actually a performer. She is supposed to perform with Daniel Jenson! She makes it to the performance at the end of the film and sings a duet with him.


What does Randy return to Elise at the end of the film?

This was just his cover to see her. He says she forgot it in the elevator and then proceeds to kiss her! She seems to have helped Randy get over his heartbreak and dislike of holidays. He wishes her “Happy New Year” as well.


Who does Kim go to meet after she parts ways with Hailey?

Sam is the record executive, played by Josh Duhamel! Turns out, Kim is the mysterious girl that his friends asked about. The two met the previous year but never knew each others' names until the second encounter. She had left him a note last year, saying her life was too complicated, but she would meet him this year at a restaurant, La Gambina.


Who repairs the elevator?

We get the idea that Randy and Elise have chemistry. Right as the two are about to kiss, though, the elevator is fixed! The moment is spoiled and Elise runs off to perform with Jenson!


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