What's Your Relationship Zodiac Sign?

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Relationships can be very confusing at times. No two relationships are exactly alike, and every couple creates their unique universe when they fall in love. Some of them are exciting, some are stable and steady, and others are deep and passionate. 

Not every relationship is about commitment, just like not every one of them is filled with passion and thrill. The way you act in a relationship and the kind of personal universe you create with your partner defines your relationship zodiac sign. 

You may be a Cancer officially, but your relationship zodiac sign could be a bold Scorpio or a reserved Capricorn. Once you know your relationship sign, it will be easy for you to understand why it never worked out with a certain person and why everything falls into place perfectly with someone else. 

A Gemini will hardly make you happy if your relationship sign is Taurus, just like an intense Scorpio can’t find happiness in a Sagittarius kind of a relationship. Everything needs to be aligned perfectly for the companionship to blossom, and when you find the person who is compatible with your relationship sign, you will know it right away. 

Take this quiz to discover your relationship zodiac sign and solve the biggest mystery of them all!

According to you, what is the best part of love?

When you are in a relationship, does your partner always know how committed you are to them?

Do you believe the best relationships are the ones that last the longest?

How much affection does the other person need to show you for you to feel good?

You're going on a date with a love interest of yours. Where do you hope they take you?

Is it easy for you to fall in love?

If you could have one thing your could keep forever, what would it be?

You receive a text from a person you just started dating, and the text says they're cancelling a date because they are sick. Your first thoughts?

What values do you hold very important when it comes to choosing a partner?

You go to your partner's house on a rainy day to hang out. What do you usually do?

What color looks best on you?

What trait will you NOT put up with in any relationship?

Which zodiac sign are you the most attracted to?

When you're in love, do you often have trouble concentrating on anything else?

How do you react when things aren't going as they should?

Have you ever fallen for the wrong person?

Would you rather suffer yourself than let your partner suffer, whatever the problem is?

In relationships, are you usually the one who ends it?

How honest are you with your partner, when you are in a committed relationship?

Are you jealous?

Is your partner allowed to have friends of the opposite sex?

Do you believe the best kind of love grows out of a loving friendship?

How do you feel about matching clothes and accessories with your partner?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

How important is it for your family to accept your partner?

Do you ever get so excited about being in love that you can't fall asleep?

How do you act if your lover ignores you for a while?

How do you feel after an intense argument with your lover?

Would you ever be able to forgive a cheating partner?

How carefully do you choose your lovers?

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