What's Your Outlaw Name?

Zoe Samuel

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Everyone needs an outlaw name (you know, in case you find yourself making a new life on a wild frontier!) You might not have the same sort of gun-slinging skill the outlaws of the past had, but you can practice your quick draw while answering the outlaw quiz questions. Put your hand in your holster, and get ready to duel at dawn!

You might be the kind of person who would prefer to knock-off a stagecoach, or you might be the type who prefers to keep the peace. Either way, you need a name that matches your Wild West spirit! It doesn't even matter if you can pull off a bank heist while riding bareback on a horse. If you can order a whisky while playing poker at a saloon, then that's all the skill you need! We'll make sure you get an outlaw name that tells the world to respect or fear you!

Pony up to the table and put on your fearless hat! Share your wildest outlaw fantasies with us, and we'll give you a snazzy new name. Who knows? Your outlaw name might end up being "The Wild Sundance Cassidy Kid!" And who wouldn't want to put that on their driver's license?

Are Wild West outlaws more than just a criminals to you?

What sort of Wild West crime would you commit?

Which western state would you most like to visit?

Would you join the Wild Bunch Gang?

Which Wild West outlaw would you consider a role model?

Which part of a cowboy's gear would you wear?

What would your Wild West job have been?

What would you take if you robbed a stagecoach?

Why would you have moved to the Wild West?

Which Wild West outlaw would make the best president?

Do you do your own dirty work?

How glamorous are you?

Can you shoot?

What sort of place do you like to live?

Where do you like to operate as a criminal?

What's your outlaw fashion style?

If you were to get caught, what would they finally pin on you?

If you were to be removed by an underling, how would they do it?

Do you like managing a team?

Do you intend to give yourself a criminal nickname for others to use?

If someone else gave you a nickname, who would it be?

Are you evil or just mischievous?

How would you rob a bank?

Do you need everyday luxuries?

Do you plan to eventually lead a crime-free life?

Do you have an informant buddy among the cops?

Do you ever talk to the media about your outlaw ways?

Would the public recognize you?

Do you care about your legacy?

Do you have style?

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