What’s Your Mythical Patronus?

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In many ways, a Patronus is like a spirit protector. As Professor Lupin explains to Harry Potter, your Patronus is a representation of all the things a Dementor might want to feed upon – your hopes and your dreams, your happiness and your very desire to live. It is essentially the goodness within you, the positive things that make you who you are, brought to life as a silvery, shimmering protector. It is more powerful than a Dementor because it can't be bogged down with negative emotion like despair, meaning that the powers of a Dementor will have no effect on it. Pretty cool little spell to know, all things considered.

The form a Patronus takes can be very personal to the wizard casting it, even if they don't fully realize why. Consider that Harry Potter had the very same Patronus as his father, or that Severus Snape and Lily Potter both had a doe. It can connect you to others and express some of the innermost parts of your soul. So if you had a mythical beast as a Patronus, like Albus Dumbledore and his Phoenix, then surely that would mean something about who you are and what drives you. 

If you want to find out what fantastic beast expresses your inner light, take the quiz and see!

If you just got to Hogwarts, where would the Sorting Hat send you?

If Hogwarts were all booked up for the semester, where would you go?

There are a lot of intimidating creatures in the world of Harry Potter. Which would you want to avoid the most?

What do you think is the most important quality in a friend?

What culture of the world has your favorite mythology?

We have a few modern-day mythological beasts. Which one would you want to discover if it were real?

Aside from your trusty Patronus, what's your go-to spell?

If you had your choice of instructors at Hogwarts, whose class would you be in?

Where would you be working in the Harry Potter universe?

In your downtime, you'd need to pick up some supplies here and there. Pick a shop to visit!

Harry was pretty tight with Hermione and Ron. Who do you think you would have befriended?

Choosing the right wand is of the utmost importance. What's going to be in the core of your wand?

We're having a Quidditch match! What position will you play?

Potions are an important part of life as a wizard. Which one do you plan to make?

Mythology is jam-packed with heroes. Who do you think is the greatest of them all?

Everyone and their uncle was a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Who was the best one?

You can't have a best without a worst. Who was the most terrible Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?

What do you think your non-mythical Patronus might be?

If you were looking to make friends with a Fantastic Beast, which one would you choose?

Everyone likes Ron Weasley, more or less, but which other Weasley would you hang out with?

Sure, some of the teachers are evil, but you still need to go to class at Hogwarts. What class do you think you'll do best at?

Hagrid is definitely an animal lover. Which of his pets seems like one you'd enjoy?

An Animagus could turn into anything. What do you think you would transform into?

Obviously, Voldemort is the main villain, but he had a lot of cronies and co-villains along the way. Which other villain was the best of the bunch?

Have you ever been in a fight before?

Do you have your best friend's back no matter what?

Were you a pretty good student overall?

Would you have ever gone back to Hogwarts for a second year if you were a student there, given all the crazy stuff that happens?

What kind of pet do you have right now?

Outside of the world of Harry Potter, who's the greatest wizard ever?

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