What's Your Mermaid Name?

Kennita Leon

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Mermaids have appeared in multiple cultures, and their stories have fascinated us land-dwelling humans for centuries. Sailors often brought back tales of mysterious swimming half-human, half-fish entities who appeared to them during storms or briefly popped up while they were trapped adrift in the doldrums. Sometimes they tell of beautiful creatures who look like stunning women and sun themselves on the rocks, and other times they mention scaly, fishy monsters who terrorize them at sea and clearly have nothing but wicked intentions.

Which sort of mermaid would you be? Would you be the sort who help shipwrecked sailors by carrying them to safety? Would you take a message for a sailor marooned in the middle of the ocean? Would you merely stand by, refusing to interfere, as they lie becalmed on the waters? Or would you actively sabotage these intruders into your watery domain, poking holes in their ships, nibbling through their ropes, and warning your fellow marine dwellers about their nets, so that they always come in empty? Or perhaps you will simply taunt them by appearing just briefly enough for the ones who see you to think they're going absolutely nuts!

Which of these you answer tells us a lot about you, and that will help us to figure out your mermaid name. So let's find out!

Which sea would you want to live in?

If you had to move to a bigger place, which ocean would you choose?

What would your sea home be or be made out of?

What color sand do your favorite waves break on?

Which sea creature would be your sidekick?

Which iridescent color combination would your tail be?

Which word or phrase would describe your tail?

What would your mermaid job be?

Which mermaid power is your favorite?

Mermaids are known for their hair. What would your look like?

What accessory would you have in your hair?

Would you like humans?

If you were a human for a day, what would you do first?

And what would you do before you had to return to the ocean?

What's your favorite part of the ocean to explore?

What do mermaids eat?

And what do they do in their spare time?

What are mermaids' biggest enemies?

You see a ship washed up on some rocks. What do you do first?

What would you do if you found a handsome human who just happens to ask you for help?

Your ideal merman would be?

On a scale of one to four where one is the least and four is the most, how bad do you really want to be a mermaid?

Which fishy snack would you rather eat?

How good of a swimmer are you?

Which hydrological disaster are you most afraid of?

Which water sign are you most compatible with?

In what season is the ocean the most beautiful?

Which mermaid are you most inspired by?

Your favorite mermaids tend to be ....

When was the last time you went to the beach?

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