What's Your Magician Name?

Teresa M.

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You are tricky, and your slight of hand is on point! Now, you need a great name for your act. Let's find out which magician's name is perfect for a talented entertainer like yourself!

What kind of magic trick do you like most?

Do you think you could hypnotize someone?

Which magical act do you like most?

How would your friends describe your magic act?

Would you wear a top hat?

Will you wear a cape during your magic act?

What costume would you wear to a children's party?

Who would you like to saw in half?

How many magic shows have you seen?

Do you believe in black magic?

Would you like to try an underwater escape?

Which word describes your level of magician?

Who would you ask to be your assistant?

Would you like to perform street magic?

Would you every pull a bunny out of your hat?

What do you think is the most important element of a magic act?

How did you become interested in magic?

Which magic phrase would you use?

What do you find most magical?

Would you juggle during your magic act?

Would you use a fog machine during your act?

Which term do you think sums up your magic act?

Which cartoon character do you think would make the best magician?

Which old time magician do you think was best?

Would you ever lay in a bed of nails?

Could you pull off a ball and cup trick?

Could you make something disappear?

Where would you shop for magic supplies?

What do you think is most magical about yourself?

Where would you most likely perform a magic act?

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