What's Your Mafia Name?

Zoe Samuel

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The mafia is known by many names: Cosa Nostra, the mob, organized crime, the Family, and so on. Similarly, its members need street names to show they have earned their place within it. What's yours?

Do you have an eye for a business opportunity?

Do you know how to make someone an offer they can't refuse?

Do people fear you?

Do you do your own dirty work?

Have you ever had anyone "disappeared"?

Are you good with numbers?

Do you want out of the game?

How did you get into the mafia?

Do you know how to break a finger?

Do you have lots of family in the biz?

Do you have a dirty cop on retainer?

Do you have a legit side business?

How will your mafia career end?

Do you always know the odds?

Can you launder money?

What do you wear to work?

What movie should you be in?

How rare is your skill set?

Do you work alone?

Are you in charge of most people around you?

Do you have a sidekick?

If you get caught, how long will you be in the big house?

If you were legit, what would you do?

Do you need to be in good shape to do your job?

Do you stay in good with the local clergy?

Does your family know what you do?

What vehicle do you drive?

How long have you been in the mafia?

What do you do with protection money?

How do you feel about gambling?

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