What’s Your Favorite Truck?

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The best thing about trucks is that there are a lot of them. Like, a whole lot. Since the auto industry first got rolling back in the day there have been literally thousands of trucks rolled out around the world. Sure, some of them were probably best left on the design room floor, but there have definitely been a few standouts over the years. These are the vehicles that actually make you into a truck person, the reason why you look at a car and think, "No, not good enough." Some trucks are just an incredible mix of form and function. They look amazing and they get the job done head and shoulders above the competition. And if you're a true truck person you can appreciate the value of all kinds of different models. But there's still that one, right?

It's almost impossible to not have a favorite truck if you like them even a little bit. Maybe it was your first truck, the one you saw that got you interested in the first place. Or maybe it was one you discovered later that sealed the deal for you. Whatever it is, we know you have a favorite and we're even going to guess what it is. Take the quiz and see for yourself!

Do you like a truck that roars like a lion or do you want to keep it whisper quiet?

Is torque important to you?

Have you always been into trucks or did you start out with a car?

Do you drive a truck right now?

Do you like a truck that puts you up above most of the cars on the road?

When's the last time you went to a drive-in movie?

Do you ever go through the drive-thru then just eat what you got while you drive?

Would you ever take a nap in your truck?

If you were designing your own truck, would you be going diesel, electric, hybrid or gas?

Are there any snacks in your glove box right now?

If you had the opportunity, would you give driving an 18-wheeler a try?

What do you use your truck for?

Have you ever used a CB radio, old-school trucker style?

Are you a patient driver, or do other people start to get on your nerves?

Nearly every vehicle made these days has an automatic transmission. Do you know how to drive manual?

What's the most important feature of a truck when you're shopping for one?

If your truck blows a tire on the highway, are you able to change it?

Are you keeping your truck at a reasonable speed or do you push it beyond the limit sometimes?

Do you feel like your friends ever try to use you for your truck?

How often do you change the oil in your truck anyway?

Do you wash your truck at home or take it to a car wash?

If motorized vehicles suddenly stopped working, how do you think you'd get around?

How many parking tickets have you racked up in your day?

What do you use to keep your truck smelling fresh?

Is there anything in your truck you added to give it some personality?

What's the radio in your truck tuned to?

Are you a fan of some big chrome stacks?

The paint job won't change the truck at all; but still, what color paint job are you looking for?

There's more than one kind of truck out there. What kind would you like to take for a spin?

What makes a truck better than a car?

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