What’s Your Brain’s True Color?

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Your thought patterns, emotions and feelings may come from your inner soul, but these actually originate from your brain. Think of your brain like the sun that gives light to the Earth, because without it, our planet (and your soul) would surely suffer. This also means that your brain is actually a certain type of color, and we're talking about a fun color that radiates through your personality!

The true color of one's brain may be shown through various types of reactions to social situations. But some people are a little more mysterious, as their mind may be shrouded in darkness. While this may mean that they're quiet, this could also point to feelings of being lost, confused or hesitant in life.

It's also important to note that the color of your brain may change over time. In other words, you may have an orange-colored brain now (which may show that you're full of energy and joy), but over time, your mind may become more dark and mischevious. This is due to the experiences and challenges that you may face in life, and ultimately, how you react to them. Tell us more about some of your best and worst personality traits so we can determine what color your brain truly is!

Uh oh! It looks like you just spilled a glass of water on your shirt! Are you going to become upset or remain calm about this?

When you get your hair cut, do you tend to talk to the hair stylist or remain quiet?

If you saw an old friend at a coffee shop that you haven't talked to for quite some time, would you want to approach them or ignore them?

Imagine that you're at a large party or an event. Are you going to act more like a dog, a mouse or a fish?

Do compliments make you feel awkward or does it quickly raise your confidence levels?

Are you the type of person who makes eye contact with others or do you prefer to look away during a conversation?

Think carefully now! Are you more like a penguin when you walk or do you exude confidence like a supermodel?

They say that life obstacles are like lemons, but what type of fruit is life really throwing at you?

If someone invited you to a party, would you arrive very early, on time or fashionably late?

Do you currently have the time and energy to learn a new language or does this sound like way too much work right now?

Your friend borrowed $500 from you but hasn't paid you back in a few weeks. How are you going to approach them?

Pretend that you're in a class at school that you're not doing very well in. Are you going to drop the class or persevere through it?

Think about your current levels of stress in your life. Are they as light as a feather or do they weigh as much as a house?

Let's say that you've been working at your job for five years, but you haven't received one raise yet. Are you going to talk to your boss about this?

You're having a conversation with a friend when you notice that they keep interrupting you. Are you going to tell them to grow some manners?

You and your friend are deciding on where to eat for the evening. Who has the ultimate say in this type of decision?

When it comes to dreaming about your life goals, are you more realistic or imaginative about what you want in life?

Imagine that you're the boss of a company and one of your employees isn't doing that great of a job. Are you going to terminate them?

Uh oh! You just noticed that somebody is shoplifting from a store! Are you going to call the police or chase after them?

Some people are more left-brained while others are more right-brained. Which part of your brain do you tend to use?

Do you believe that life is being unfair to you or do you think that all types of life obstacles are just a test?

You find a letter in the mail that is addressed to you, but you don't know who it's from. Are you going to open it?

Are you currently the leader of your social circle or are you more of a follower among your friends?

Which of the following types of Pokemon resembles your personality the best?

You're in a line at a grocery store when you notice that someone just cut in front of you! What are you going to do about this?

If your life had a video game title to it, which of these titles would it correlate to?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much of a hopeless romantic are you?

Are you secretly sensitive to constructive criticism or do you brush it off like it's no big deal?

Welcome to the world of Star Wars, where your personality secretly matches to one of these characters below! Which one is it?

If someone told you a dark secret about them, would you keep it to yourself or share it with others?

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