What’s Your Brain’s Age?

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When it comes to the age of your brain, you might think that it has to do with your outward appearance, but it's actually more dependent on your inner soul and personality. In other words, you may look a certain age, but your brain may be older or younger than you really think!

Your brain's age depends on many factors, including the kinds of activities you partake in, how you view life and how you behave around certain types of people. It's also important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to live your life, as each stage of life is unique in its own way. For example, someone more youthful and exuberant may be perceived as immature to others, but this stage is really about exploration and making mistakes. In fact, you'll never really stop learning and growing as a person, even if you reach 80, 90 or 100 years old! 

There's always more knowledge and wisdom to acquire in this world, and each type of experience teaches you something new about yourself. Whether or not you agree with us, this life quiz will determine how old or young your brain really is!

You've got a few hours of free time on your hands! Are you going to read a book or play some video games?

Are you the type of person who admits when they are wrong about something or would you pretend like you're right?

Does philosophy sound like a fun class to take or would it lull you to sleep?

Think about your past for a moment. Was your childhood filled with electronics or crayons and paper?

You just received $100 in cash as a birthday present. Are you going to save or spend this money?

Do you secretly care about what strangers think of you or is this something that you can easily disregard?

It's almost your bedtime! What hour of the day do you tend to get some beauty rest?

Are you the type of person who is physically active in fun sports and exercise routines?

Uh oh! It looks like someone has been bullying you for quite some time. What are you going to do about this?

Do you respect your elders or do you believe that everyone should be treated with the same amount of respect?

Does pulling an all-nighter sound like fun to you or does this sound like an exhausting way to spend your time?

Your fashion sense may reflect your age, so can you tell us what your wardrobe looks like?

Are you more of a lone wolf who prefers solitude or do you love to be surrounded by friends and family?

Some people are more clean and tidy while others are a bit messier. Which side of this spectrum do you fall within?

When it comes to the idea of death, is this something that you're concerned about, or do you try not to think about this?

For one week, you're not allowed to use your smartphone. How are you currently feeling about this?

During an average day, do you tend to cook your own food or eat out at a restaurant?

Is failure a necessary part of success or do you believe that it just holds you back in life?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you care about your appearance and hygiene?

Your mind may be living in the present, but is it actually living in the past or future?

When it comes to making mistakes, do you think that you've learned from your past hiccups in life?

Do you think that school is a big waste of time or do you personally love this type of learning environment?

It's 8 a.m. and you're feeling pretty tired. Which of these beverages are you about to indulge in for a caffeine boost?

When you become tired in the afternoon, do you tend to take a nap or do you try to persevere through the sluggish day?

Would you love to be famous for the remainder of your life or does this sound like a nightmare in disguise?

Are you adventurous enough to embark on a road trip through Route 66 or does this sound like a boring way to see the country?

When it comes to food choices, are you conscious about your health or do you believe that great food is part of living a great life?

Does the size of your acquired wisdom fit into a thimble, or is it the size of a mountain?

Let's talk about reading materials for a moment. Would you rather read a book, a magazine or an online article?

Your heart is actually made out of a certain type of material! Is it made out of glass, wood, stone or metal?

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