What's Your Boyfriend's Ideal Haircut?

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Once upon a time, we were probably all very happy to let our hair grow and grow until it was long enough to use as some kind of protection against the wind and the rain. Of course, we were probably hiding in caves from sabertooth tigers back then, too. In more modern times we've all had to contend with cutting and styling hair, to a greater or lesser degree. Somewhere along the line, society allowed itself to believe such personal grooming habits were more for women than for men. Many a man has grown up believing he just needed a nearsighted old man in a barber shop to trim his hair in the exact same fashion four times a year, every year. But that's just not the case. A man's hairstyle can be every bit as involved as a woman's, because why not? Hair is hair – it all deserves the same love.

If your boyfriend is the kind of guy who never seems to know what to do with his hair, or maybe lets it run a bit too wild and shaggy, then we're here to help. Answer a few simple questions about the lad and we'll recommend his ideal haircut to you. Grab your trimmer and take the quiz!

When your boyfriend rolls out of bed in the morning, what's the first thing he does?

We all make mistakes sometimes. Has your boyfriend ever tried to cut his own hair?

Now a matter of trust. Would you ever let your boyfriend trim your hair?

Who has more clothes in their closet, you or your boyfriend?

How many bottles in the shower belong to your boyfriend?

Do you think your boyfriend would look better with an unusual hair color, like blue?

When it comes to facial hair, does your boyfriend run a tight ship or does it get scruffy?

What kind of razor does he use to shave his face?

Ever seen your boyfriend use conditioner on his hair?

Does the scent of your boyfriend's deodorant have a weirdly manly name?

Does your boyfriend have any beard grooming products, like a beard comb or beard oil?

What kind of hat is your boyfriend most likely to wear?

Does your boyfriend let his hair do its own thing, or does he use product?

Any chance your boyfriend would ever try out some braids?

So who does your boyfriend go to when he needs his hair cut, anyway?

Ever seen your boyfriend rocking a haircut that you absolutely hated?

If you had to put a label on it, what would you say is your boyfriend's style?

When you and your boyfriend are going out to something like a party, who takes longer to get ready?

Does your boyfriend have any tattoos?

Is your boyfriend the kind of guy who'll just head to the store in his pajamas if he needs to pick something up at midnight?

As far as you know, has your boyfriend ever in his life had a mullet?

How often is your boyfriend washing his hair, anyway?

Does your boyfriend actually know the name of his haircut, or does he just tell the person cutting his hair where he wants it shortened?

Is your boyfriend the kind of guy who would avoid a salon because he thinks those are for women?

How often does your boyfriend get compliments on his hair?

Does your boyfriend carry a comb or brush with him when he leaves the house, just in case?

Sometimes you can use too much product. Is it easy to run your hands through his hair, or do you get stuck?

How's his head smell?

How often does your boyfriend wash his pillowcase?

If your boyfriend is out when it starts raining, does he ever panic and run for cover?

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