What’s Your Arctic Spirit Animal?

Ian Fortey

Image: Pixabay by Ractapopulous

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The Arctic Circle is not the kind of place most people want to visit. Even in July, temperatures can stay below freezing. Plus, there are some parts in the extreme North where the sun won't rise for weeks -- or even months -- at a time. If you want to live in this part of the world, you need to be made of some pretty tough stuff. And that's just if you're a human. Imagine the kind of animals that can handle this terrain! All day every day, out in the freezing cold and still surviving. These aren't your average critters by a long shot. These are the kinds of animals that can stand up to just about anything.

Your spirit animal can guide and protect you on your journey through life, and you'd be hard-pressed to find better choices in any other environment on Earth. The animals of the Arctic are skilled at not just hunting and surviving, but persevering. Everything they do is next level. So, which one of these amazing creatures of the frozen land, sea and air should be the spirit animal to guide you on your journey? Let's find out. Take the quiz!

What's the most fun thing to do on a snow day in the dead of winter?

When the cold gets to be too much to handle, you can always head south. What tropical location would you most like to visit?

If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you'd buy?

Speaking of freezing cold, what's the absolute best flavor of ice cream?

You and your best friend are on a road trip! How do you decide who's driving?

What are we going to find you doing this Friday night at around 10 pm?

We have an entire planet of great food, but what's the best cuisine in the world?

If you were going to express yourself in some kind of artistic way, how would you do it?

Sometimes, you need to just get away from it all. What do you like most about camping in the woods?

Not everyone gets to live their dreams, but we can get close sometimes. Which of these jobs would you most want?

Is there a reality show at which you know you'd be amazing?

Some people love the heat. What's the spiciest thing you could handle eating?

Are you a sports fan? What's the greatest game you can play that doesn't include a ball?

It's party time! What are you going to be doing most of the night?

When you have a job to do, are you better working alone or on a team?

If your significant other made you dinner and it was just awful, would you tell them?

Say you're in an elevator and your ex gets on. On the next floor, the elevator gets stuck. Now what?

Is a walk on the beach the kind of thing you'd do on a first date?

When push comes to shove, do you have a temper?

We all have to face our fears at some point. Which of these is your greatest fear?

Potato time! What's the best thing you can do with a potato?

It's never a bad thing to feel some empathy. Do sad movies and TV shows make you cry?

Do you look forward to those big family gatherings, or do they stress you out?

Is your bathroom clean enough right now that you'd be OK if the Queen stopped by and needed to freshen up?

There's something to be said for the ability to make people laugh. Pick your favorite comedian.

When it comes to keeping other people's secrets, are you trustworthy and reliable?

Do you think people underestimate you?

Is stuffed-crust pizza really worth the effort?

If you got lost in the woods, would you have the survival skills to make it?

If you had the ability to travel around the world, would you do it?

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