What Would Your Job Be in King Henry VIII's Court?

Zoe Samuel

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The court of King Henry VIII was a tumultuous, gilded cage. If you played your cards right and had the king's favor, you could reap tremendous benefits. Side with the wrong ally, however, and you would fall forever. Jobs in the court were either very high up jobs comparable with cabinet-level positions today or very low-level jobs, equivalent to the White House's calligrapher (who has top secret clearance, of course.)

In a society where wearing a blade in the presence of the king meant you enjoyed a tremendous level of trust, having any job close to the king meant that you made it, but when that king is the infamous Henry VIII, that status is hardly in stasis.

Where do your strengths lie? Are you a hard-nosed numbers guru who cuts through the nonsense to extract truth from facts? Are you a master manipulator who could challenge other heads of state on behalf of your lord and master? Or are you merely a flashy entertainer, permitted to interrupt the privy council to tell a joke that will make the king laugh? All these skills had their attendant job titles and more.

Planning a trip back in time and a change in career? Before you go, take this quiz!

How good are you at keeping others' spirits up when things are bad?

How discreet are you?

Are you a clear communicator?

Can you be trusted?

Are you fearless?

Are you a clean person?

How striking is your appearance?

How easily do people let you into their confidence?

How do you dress?

Can you handle desperate responsibilities?

Are you comfortable on the road?

Are you willing to take on more than one major job?

Do you mind if doing your job doesn't make you respectable?

Do you mind getting your hands dirty?

Can you ride a horse?

How's your personal security?

Can you improvise?

How are your domestic skills?

Do you speak many languages?

Do you have any skills as a lawyer or the like?

Can you take a joke?

Do you mind being in close proximity to power every day?

Are you a good representative?

Can you handle all eyes being on you?

Do you want power?

Are you a loyal friend?

Do you have a strong, clear speaking voice?

Do you forget things easily?

How quick-witted are you?

How detail oriented are you?

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