What Would Your American Frontier Job Be?

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The American Frontier was one full of opportunity and gave everyone a chance at living the American dream. At that time, jobs could be much different than what they are today. Cowboys were a whole lot more common around the country doing things like tending to animals and working down on the farm. Outlaws rode around the land stealing and looting while avoiding the sheriffs. It was also a time where housewives were very common in addition to having many children. In short, the times were very much different than they are today.

A typical day on the American Frontier would have likely consisted of a few things. While family and housework would have taken up a large part of the day for women, men would have spent a large part of the day at their jobs. Often, men could find work in the town with the local bank, or they could have opened their own general store. Others would find work with private families or ranches.

While the pay seems little in terms of what we're used to nowadays, at the time it was usually considered to be good. If you've ever wondered what you might have been working as in the past, then you'll have to take the quiz to see if you were rolling in the dough or making a modest living!

A ride to work on the American Frontier was much different than it is today. Which of the following horses would you have taken to work?

Do you care about what others think about you?

Which person from the real American Frontier is your favorite of the following?

Everyone has something important to them in their everyday life. Which of the following things would you say is most important to you?

Your home on the American Frontier would be in which of the following states?

Some people are more outgoing while others are a little shyer. Would you say that you're more introverted or extroverted?

Communication is key in any situation. What is your favorite way to communicate?

Setting goals can help us figure out where we want to be and what we want to achieve. What is your biggest goal of the following?

Are you all about working with your hands or working in other ways?

If you could live in any country today, where would you live?

Living on the Frontier meant making sure that you had a strong family behind you. How many children would you have had?

Your idea of a great get together with friends is which of the following?

Which of the following superpowers would be the best for you to have?

If your life was a movie, which of the following genres would it be?

Personality is everything, even in the past. Would you be loved by the town or have many enemies in the Old West?

Where would you have lived and worked on the Frontier?

Everyone is skilled in one area. In which of the following areas are you most skilled?

When in school, what would you say your best subject was?

Do you prefer to spend most of your day outside in the fresh air or inside where the temperature is better controlled?

When a neighbor needs your help, what do you do?

Which of the following animals would you say you're most like?

Living in the American West, would you have been a traveler of the frontier or would you have stayed in one place?

Everyone has a legacy, but what would yours be?

In your workplace, are you usually the boss, or do you take on another role?

Almost everyone has a hobby that they love. In the Old West, what would your hobby have been?

How do you react when meeting new people?

It's hard to live without good friends by your side. When it comes to your friends, how would you describe them?

If there was a gathering that you didn't want to attend, how would you get out of it?

Are you more of an independent worker, or do you prefer to work as a team?

Animals are not everyone's cup of tea, but would you say that you're an animal person?

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