What Would Be Your Job in the American Revolution?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Have you ever thought about who you might have been in another time? The American Revolution was a crucial period in which many American lives were forged. How would you have done?

Are you crazy brave?

Are you good with machines?

How are your math skills?

How long do you think you could march without falling down?

Are you quiet?

How steady are your hands?

Have you ever killed a man in close combat?

Have you ever killed a man at range?

Could you lie to your family?

Could you lie to your friends?

Could you lie to the authorities?

Could you lie to your own comrades?

How good is your memory?

Can you keep a secret?

Are you willing to see things through to the bitter end?

Are you willing to follow the clues no matter where they lead?

Would you damn even those closest to you for the sake of the revolution?

How comfortable are you with bribes?

How tidy are you?

How organized are you?

How are you with doing the laundry?

Are you comfortable spending the war following someone around, doing all the little day to day things for them that fall even below the role of secretary?

Do you mind not getting any glory?

Do you want a skill that will translate into a career after the war is done?

Are you really fit?

Are you able to put pain out of your mind and persevere?

Are you good at following orders you don't agree with?

How much nerve do you have?

Are you a capable ranger?

What do you know of chemistry?

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