What Would Be Your Job at Santa's Workshop?

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Have you ever thought about what it takes to make Christmas happen? The North Pole is buzzing all throughout the year. In fact, workers at Santa's Workshop work around the clock to make sure Christmas day is a special every year. If you lived at the North Pole, what would Santa's Workshop job would you hold?

What is your favorite Christmas film?

What gift card will you give this year?

What is your favorite Christmas ornament?

What will top your tree this year?

What will you serve at Christmas dinner?

What gift would you like to receive this year?

What Christmas song do you like most?

What shape of Christmas cookie will you make?

Where would you most like to spend Christmas?

When will you do most of your Christmas shopping?

What will you do after Christmas dinner?

How would your friends describe your holiday spirit?

Who do you think will be happiest with their gift this year?

What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Where will you hang the mistletoe?

When will you decorate your Christmas tree?

Who would you most like to see this holiday season?

What kind of gingerbread house will you build?

What kind of Christmas socks will you wear?

If you could take your family on a Christmas cruise, where would you go?

What would be your dream job?

How many days will you get off over the holidays?

Describe your gift wrapping skills:

What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

How do you drink your hot chocolate?

What is your favorite wintertime activity?

Who will be the first to wake up on Christmas morning?

What vegetable will you leave for the reindeer?

What is the most expensive gift you will purchase?

If you had a last moment gift need, where would you shop?

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