What Underrated Type of Guy Matches Your Personality?

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Have you been overlooking a guy who might be your perfect match just because he doesn't fit your notion of the type of man you should be dating? That's a big mistake! Some people write off men who are single dads, IT managers or construction workers because of stereotypes about those groups. However, many of these men make awesome boyfriends if you're willing to get to know them. And these aren't the only types of underrated guys: introverts, divorced men and singer-songwriters also get a bum rap. That doesn't mean they're undateable!

If you're curious about which type of underrated guy you should actually be pursuing, this quiz is for you. Sure, you could cast caution to the wind and try dating every kind of underrated guy at once, but that's not a very organized strategy. Luckily, this quiz can help. We're going to ask you about your job, hobbies, artistic tastes and more so that we can figure out which sort of underrated guy you should try wooing next. After we give you your results, you'll be able to approach dating apps and singles mixers in a whole new light.

Ready to discover an entirely new species of potential boyfriends? Stop swiping right on your usual type and play this quiz!

Do you have more than your fair share of romantic regrets?

For you to find a man attractive, what physical quality does he have to have?

What's the most romantic thing that a guy has ever done for you?

If you were stranded on Gilligan's Island, which male castaway would you form a love connection with?

Tell the truth: Do you give money to charities or volunteer with them? If so, what kind of charities?

Do you find bad boys appealing, or would you rather date a knight in shining armor?

If you could snog any male movie star in the world, who would you choose?

It's Saturday night. Your date takes you to a fern-filled bar to meet his friends, who spend the evening arguing about local political issues. Is this a nightmare or a dream scenario?

Have you ever had a dramatic break-up? Did you throw things or fight in public?

You and your boyfriend are looking forward to a weekend together in the country. At the last minute, his ailing mother calls and asks him to help her with a time-consuming family emergency. How do you hope he responds?

Would you rather date a well-dressed guy or an incredibly funny guy?

If your sweetie wanted to spend Sunday morning drinking coffee and finishing a crossword puzzle, what would you say?

Have you ever stolen something? If so, what was it?

If you could go on a carriage ride around Central Park with any "Gossip Girl" guy, who would you choose?

Two men ask you out for the same night. One is the hottie next door, whom you've known all your life and always thought was out of your league. The other is a mysterious stranger with an amazing leather jacket. Who do you say yes to?

Would you rather spend the summer interning on an archaeological dig or waiting tables at a beach resort?

Do you believe in meditating, self-care and aromatherapy, or do you secretly think that stuff is hogwash?

If real life were like "A Star is Born" and you could fall in love and go on tour with any musician, who would you choose?

Who's hotter: an older man who's been around the block or a younger guy who's full of enthusiasm?

You've got two on-again, off-again boyfriends. One is really fun and takes you to pool parties all the time. The other has a great career that impresses your friends and parents. Which one should you be pursuing?

Let's talk about your ideal boyfriend's family. Which of these family scenarios would be a deal breaker for you?

Your city wants to rip down a nearby community center. You hate this idea and organize a protest against it. Unfortunately, your boyfriend doesn't bother to show up. Do you dump him?

If your ideal boyfriend could have any relationship superpower, what ability would you want him to have?

Would you rather have a boyfriend who respected your feminist ideals or a boyfriend who could pick you up?

On his way to your house, your boyfriend finds a gold and emerald ring lying in the middle of the street. What do you hope he does with it?

What are your love goals? Do you want a serious relationship, a fling or something else?

Do you enjoy sharing clothes with boyfriends, or do you think that's creepy?

What's your favorite kind of podcast?

Who's the most admirable person of all time?

Would you rather date a "Lord of the Rings" character or a "Game of Thrones" character?

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