What UK City Are You?

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If you were to relocate to any other country, your love for all things British would see you moving to the UK. But, which UK city are you most like? Find out which city suits you best!

Which part of Britain would you like to visit?

Which British band do you like most?

Which British accent do you like most?

Which British food would you like to try?

Which British actor do you like most?

Which British television series do you like most?

What size city would you prefer to live in?

What famous UK landmark would you most like to visit?

What European city appeals to you most?

What royal title would you rather have?

What would you most like to do while visiting the UK?

Which airline would you use to fly to the UK?

How many stamps do you have in your passport?

What is your favorite British slang word?

Are you an adventurous traveler?

Which UK actress do you like most?

If you had dinner with Queen Elizabeth, what would you talk about?

Which airport are you most likely to fly into?

If you were to visit the UK, who would travel with you?

Have you ever visited the UK?

Which British candy bar would you try?

Which accent do you think is the hardest to understand?

Which of the Spice Girls did you like the most?

What do you find most appealing about UK cities?

Based upon the name, which pub are you most likely to visit?

Where will you convert your currency when you travel to the UK?

Which traditional UK name might you name a child?

Which of The Beatles do you like most?

Which UK comedian do you like most?

What will you do first when you land in the UK?

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