What Type of Princess Are You?

Khadija Leon

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About This Quiz

Many of us grew up wondering what it would be like to be a princess. Well, if you would like to find out what kind of princess you would be, here's your chance!

Do you like being a princess?

What do you want to achieve in life?

What is your best quality?

How would you describe yourself?

What is your zodiac sign?

Which of these Disney princesses could be your sister?

What would your crown be made from?

Which of these gems is embedded in your crown?

What color would your princess dress be?

Who would design it?

What kind of leader are you?

Do you listen when people tell you what to do?

What do you do when you make mistakes?

Who would you like to have as a sidekick?

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in ‘Happily Ever After’?

What personality traits must your prince possess?

How many rooms would your castle have?

Which real life princess has the nicest castle?

Where would your vacation home be?

What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

How big is your closet?

How would you comb your hair?

How often do you wear makeup?

What kind of music do you listen to?

Which of these shows do you watch?

What is your favorite season?

Which of these things would you learn how to do?

If you were not a princess, what would your career be?

Which of these holidays do you enjoy celebrating with your family?

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