What Type of Person Do You Really Attract?

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Are you the sweet, goody two shoes that always seems to attract the "bad boy" or "promiscuous girl?" Well, there is more likely than not a reason behind these laws of attraction. Those bad-to-the-bone people that are attracted to you are likely looking to fulfill something that is missing in their own lives. However, if you really are the good guy/gal who seems to reel in the troublemakers, you might wonder if it is possible to find someone a little more your speed. Fortunately for you, it might be. 

To find out how to attract the best person for you, first focus on you. For instance, if you are painfully shy in certain situations and feel that it has an impact on your love life, work on growth in that area. Or maybe you are missing out on potential suitors because you are a total workaholic that does not prioritize your social life. Whatever it may be, you can start to attract the type of person you want with some changes! But first, let's find out exactly what kind of person you really attract by taking this quiz. 

Where do you like to spend your Saturday nights?

Why did you and your last relationship end?

What is your favorite type of date?

Which "The Office" character do you relate to the most?

Which dog breed do you like the most?

Where do you like to swim?

How long do you want to date someone before getting engaged?

How many times is socially acceptable to text someone in a row?

Who should pursue the other in a relationship?

How would you prefer to break up with someone?

How often do you check your email a day?

How would your parents describe you?

How would your friends describe you?

Which city would you love to live in?

What is your favorite holiday?

Which Netflix series are you obsessed with?

Do you know the color that best suits you?

How were you in school?

Which "Shameless" character do you find most attractive?

Which app are you totally obsessed with on your phone?

Which essential oils scent are you into?

How many pillows do you sleep with?

How good of a listener are you on a scale from one to 10?

Where do you fall in relation to your siblings?

What field do you work in?

If you were to buy/be given an engagement ring, what cut would the diamond be?

What kind of books do you read?

Which TV show is your guilty pleasure?

What's your current hair color?

What color are your eyes?

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