What Type of Kisser Are You Drawn To?

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The real magic happens with kissing. Nothing can be as breathtaking as an ideal smooch from someone you've been crazy about for a while. We often decide to choose a partner based on the way they kiss. Kissing is extraordinarily personal, and not everyone is attracted to the same type of kisser. A bad kiss can be a deal-breaker, no matter how much we like someone. 

Everyone knows the difference between a good kiss and a bad one. The good kind leads to intense feelings of bonding, and it makes you feel connected to your partner. It also leads to excitement, arousal, and passionate make outs – and those are very important for every couple's intimacy. 

Kissing a new partner is always a fresh, unique experience, and having a perfect first kiss with someone you like a lot can be as thrilling as a roller coaster or a bungee jump. The way you kiss and the kind of kissers you are attracted to can say a lot about you. Some people like gentle kissers, while others find themselves drawn to passionate and wild kisses and won't settle for anything else. 

Take this quiz to see if we can guess what kind of kisser you find irresistible!

Do you kiss on the first date?

Which of the following describes your most memorable kiss?

Have you ever kissed a stranger?

What sort of kiss is a total turn off for you?

When do you usually kiss someone new?

What do you think makes a good kisser?

What's the most horrible thing that might happen during a kiss with someone new?

What do you look for in a relationship?

What kind of a date leads to the perfect first kiss?

Which chat up line sounds most obnoxious?

Which of the following is a deal-breaker for you?

What compliment would you most enjoy receiving from your partner?

Are you a tease?

Do you have a hard time making eye contact when you're really into someone?

Have you ever ghosted anyone?

How do you greet a partner when they come to your house?

How do super-steamy movie scenes make you feel?

What would you think if the person you are kissing started giggling mid-kiss?

Do you think people should ask for permission before kissing someone for the first time?

What is the best place for kissing?

Do you kiss in public?

Where do you like to kiss the person you're in love with beside the lips?

What kind of background music would be perfect for kissing?

How do you feel about giving and receiving hickeys?

Where do you prefer your partner's hands during a kiss?

What do you think your love life is going to look like in 10 years?

Do you get nervous when you expect a kiss to happen?

When someone's kiss is too eager and aggressive, how do you react?

How do you usually show affection?

Which would you rather receive from a lover?

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