What Type of Horse Would You Ride as a Cowgirl?

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: JGalione / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

You've probably spent hours of your life picturing yourself in a swanky set of cowgirl boots riding down the trail of life. But have you considered the kind of horse you'll have saddled up? Once you tell us about your cowgirl thoughts, we'll be able to pair you with the breed that will truly set your trail ablaze! 

We believe that everyone has an inner cowgirl or cowboy, but it's important to have the kind of horse that will match your personality, your work abilities and your attire! You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by showing up on a pony if you are really the Mustang type! Share the way you would approach being a cowgirl with us, and we'll make your perfect horse known. 

Whether you need a sturdy Clydesdale or a high-spirited Freisian relies entirely upon the answers you provide. When you read the questions, take hold of the reins and choose the option that best sums you up. After you gallop across our finish line like the rodeo pro that you are, we'll saddle up the horse you are meant to ride! Will it be the horse you pictured in your daydreams, or will you need to open your heart to another kind? 

What would you always make sure to have in your saddlebags?

Which type of cowgirl boots would you sport?

What would be your job around the ranch?

How would you keep warm on cold cattle drives?

When you are sitting around the fire, what do you do pass the time?

Would you be afraid to ride a bull?

How would you look in a shirt with silver snaps?

Could you help a cow give birth?

Which kind of animal would you prefer to work with?

If you got lost on the trail, how would you find your way back?

When is the last time you went line dancing?

Do you know a lot about Annie Oakley?

Where would you wear a bandanna?

Which of these cowboy films could you watch over and over?

What kind of spurs would you wear on your boots?

Which of these cowgirl nicknames would suit you best?

Do you own a pair of chaps?

How would you rate your lassoing skills?

Would you rather wear a skirt or jeans with boots?

Which kind of belt buckle suits you best?

Would you enjoy being a rodeo clown?

When did you last ride a horse?

Which of these country music singers would make the best cowgirl?

Do you have any official cowgirl training?

What kind of cowgirl hat would you wear?

Are you OK with spending long hours alone with a horse?

Would you enjoy sleeping under the stars?

Which one of your skills would make you a great cowgirl?

Have you ever herded anything?

What would you do with freshly sheared wool?

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