What Type of Guy Is Attracted to Your Aura?

Isadora Teich

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About This Quiz

Everyone has an aura and auras can glow in many colors. Auras can be mostly yellow, red, blue, silver, or gold, or even contain a rainbow of colors. They can even be black or full of different colorful stripes. Everyone has a unique aura based on their feelings, thoughts, soul, and inner world. No two people have exactly the same aura all the time. 

Even though not everyone can see auras, we all can often get a sense of people, and feel certain things or get certain impressions from people almost immediately. Whether you are a psychic or not, you know whether your innate first impression of someone is good or bad. The aura can really tie into this, whether you can see it or not. Based on your inner world and aura, some people will be very attracted to you and others will be repelled by you. Answer the questions in this quiz, and we will try to guess the colors of your aura and what type of guy loves it! 

If you have ever wondered what type of guy is most drawn to you and your aura, take this quiz and find out!   

What element sparks your intrigue?

When you take trips, how much do you like to plan ahead?

How would you describe yourself when it comes to religion?

Which job is a dream of yours?

Which natural thing resonates most with you?

Would you ever want to run your own business?

Are you into meal prep?

Do you want to have children?

How important is it to you that your partner shares most of your values?

Which of these describes you best?

What do you want most in life?

Can you choose a tone you'd wear for the rest of your life?

What do your friends describe you as?

Which store do you like most?

What do you watch most?

What kind of makeup looks do you like best?

Do you like to give other people advice?

How do you feel about exercise?

Which city would you rather visit?

If you could get a robot that would do one household chore for you, which of these would you choose?

How do you like your coffee?

On a scale of 1-10, about how much of a romantic are you?

What film genre would you rather watch?

Which language would you rather learn?

Of these mythical creatures, which would you rather have as a pet?

What would you rather do on a Friday night?

Do you like to go camping?

Which item of jewelry would you rather wear?

Which trait do you value most in others?

Do you believe in ghosts?

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