What Type of Dog Are You?

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It's remarkable how similar dogs and people can be sometimes. Just like people are shy, outgoing, energetic, physically strong and have dozens of other attributes, dogs share the same multitude of characteristics.

But canines don't have the genetic sophistication that people do. They are smaller, with less complex brains and bodies than people. So where do their personalities come from? Many scientists believe these traits are determined mainly by where the dog was bred and what they were bred for. After dogs evolved from wolves, humans formed relationships with them in places all over the world. The purpose of breeding dogs changed from place to place. In Tibet people bred the Lhasa Apso dogs to guard homes and monasteries, making today's version more prone to bark at strangers. The Beagle and most types of hound were developed to hunt hare and other small game. Today, most Beagles have powerful noses and tracking abilities.

All of these breeding characteristics add up to a unique combination of traits that make a dog's personality. The rest of a dog's personality is molded by its upbringing. But what you're really wondering is, which dog personality is most like mine? Just answer the personality questions in this quiz and we'll reveal your canine personality type!

People and dogs both have social tendencies. How large is your circle of friends?

Which of these recreational activities is your favorite?

How much time do you like to spend outside each day?

Do you have a gym membership that you use often?

If a friend of yours wasn't feeling good, how would you cheer them up?

Where do you see yourself meeting your romantic partner?

Which of these is the strongest part of your body?

It receives mixed reactions among people, but most dogs love it. Are you into hunting?

Which of these common dinnertime meals is your favorite?

Who's your favorite musical artist to listen to on a relaxing type of day?

What physical feature do you get the most compliments about?

How well do you get along with people you're meeting for the first time?

You're heading to a family cookout. What's the first thing you're putting on your plate?

Which of these situations is the most upsetting?

Which of these is closest to your current job?

Dogs can mature a lot as they age. What's changed most about you since you were a kid?

If you were going to wear a fur coat, what color would it be?

Dogs make great actors. What's your favorite movie featuring a prominent canine?

Which foreign country would you most want to live in?

Do you have a problem with relaxing at home, not really doing anything?

Which of these is your favorite television show?

If you could have any public-service job, what would you be doing?

Both people and dogs don't always get their way. How do you respond in the face of conflict?

Which of these accessories are you most likely to wear?

When you're toward the end of your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

Which of these are you most likely to buy as an indulgence?

Dogs have played many different sports over the year. What's your favorite sport to play?

What's the one common social tradition that gets on your nerves?

How would your closest friend describe you?

What kind of a relationship do you have with your immediate family?

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