In Which Time Period Do You Really Belong?

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While it's hard to debate that, as a society, we aren't better because of things like three-ply toilet paper, antibiotics and streaming capabilities, the past can have a romantic allure. Sure, you had to worry that a toothache might kill you, but you also didn't have to think about getting the perfect vacation selfie to post to your social media. Life was certainly slower in bygone decades and centuries, so the appeal makes sense!

If you feel like you were born in the wrong era, take this quiz to see in what time period you would have thrived. Should you have been born at the time of the Renaissance, where art and fashion reigned supreme? Maybe you would have fared exceedingly well in the Victorian age, where manners, romance and courtship were of the utmost importance. How do you think you would have done in the 50s, where things were modern, but human beings were still very much in touch with each other? And what about the 80s? It was a wild time where inhibitions were almost nonexistent, and you were free to do as you pleased (for the most part.)

If you've had the feeling that you were born in the wrong period, and that you belong somewhere else, take this quiz, and we'll let you know exactly where and when you fit in!

How do you feel about going to see a doctor?

Which activity appeals to you most?

What one word describes your style of dress?

Your favorite kind of TV drama?

What is your favorite movie genre?

Which animal are you most like?

Of these, who is your favorite singer?

What's your biggest ambition in life?

Which of these kinds of gatherings appeals to you?

Which modern celebrity do you most admire?

What kinds of jokes do you like?

Which European country would you visit?

What kind of teacher would you like to be?

What's your favorite food?

Where do you most like to be kissed?

What's your hidden talent?

What's your ideal vacation?

Which quality do you find sexiest?

Which ancient figure do you most admire?

Your ideal form of transportation

What's your favorite kind of facial hair?

What is the last thing you do each day?

Who is your favorite president?

What do people compliment you on most?

What does the world need more of today?

What scares you most?

What do you use to protect yourself?

What are you most likely to get attention for in public?

When was the last time you were injured?

What's the coolest form of air travel?

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