What Time Period Are You Most Sexually Compatible With?

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There's no doubt that some periods in human history have been more sexually open and adventurous than others. Different times and different places have seen cultural shifts in some pretty dramatic and incredible ways. The Victorian era, for instance, is often characterized as being remarkably conservative and uptight, at least as far as everyone's public face went. Conversely, we look at America in the 1960s as a time of sexual awakening for many people. The whole "free love" movement changed the world in a lot of ways, particularly the way people looked at sex and sexuality. But, of course, that was only one of many times and approaches to the world of sex. We have all of history to go through!

The reason there are so many shifts in the way humanity looks at sex is pretty simple when you think about it: There are just so many people with so many opinions. Some reserved, some flamboyant. Some bold, others timid. The number of people who feel a certain way will tip the balance, and the result can be a world in which you feel like you totally fit in, or one that you find wildly confusing. However you feel, there must definitely be a time and a place in history that you'd be more sexually compatible with than others. So let's find out when that was!

How sexually liberated do you feel you are?

Are you at all interested in having some one-night stands?

How many sexual partners have you had in your lifetime?

What period of time would you absolutely hate to find yourself stuck in?

Time travel is a pretty cool idea. Which is the best movie about it?

Do you feel like the modern world is too conservative or too liberal right now?

Do you have a lot to learn, sexually speaking, or could you be teaching lessons to others?

Is it wrong to use an app like Tinder just to hook up with someone?

Do you feel guilty about any of your sexual encounters?

How do you feel about monogamy?

Have you and one of your past partners ever made a dirty home movie?

What country would you visit if you planned to have a sexy vacation?

Love letters or sexting?

Do you ever find yourself fantasizing about friends and coworkers?

Do you prefer burlesque or stripping?

How important is it to try new things and shake up your routine, sexually speaking?

How satisfied are you with your sex life right now?

Would you ever consider attending a swingers party?

Have you ever paid money for pornography?

What are your thoughts on skinning dipping?

What do you think would be the hardest thing to adjust to if you traveled to a different time?

If you're traveling to the future, when do you think you'd go?

Are you the kind of person who could make out with a total stranger at a club?

Since you became sexually active, what's the longest stretch you've gone without actually having sex?

Are you open to talking to your partners about your kinks?

What decade had the best music for getting busy?

Do you need to be in love with someone to have a sexual relationship?

Are you sexually adventurous?

Which historical figure would you watch in a dirty movie if such a thing existed?

What's the least sexy time period you can think of?

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