What Time Do You Belong In?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Many people feel like they were born in the wrong time period. Some may have missed their time by only a few decades, while others may be ahead of their time. The question is, which time period do you belong in?

How religious are you?

What languages do you speak other than English?

What empire was the best empire?

Are you stuck up?

Does child labor bother you?

Are you an art lover?

How interested in science are you?

How rugged are you?

What climate do you like best?

What personal protection do you want to carry?

Which technology is the greatest?

Which country would you want to live in?

Which flavor of bias is least offensive to you?

What kind of food do you like best?

Which movie do you like best?

Which politician is your favorite?

What would you like to use for transportation?

Are you an art collector?

How are you with livestock?

How are you with contracts?

What do you know about steam engines?

What would you need to build a canal?

Which danger are you most okay with?

Which clothing item wouldn't you mind wearing?

What sort of hat do you like the sound of?

Do you believe in witches?

Is imperialism right or wrong?

What is a defining problem you'd like to tackle?

What would you consider a great opportunity?

Who would you like as an enemy?

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