What Terrible, Annoying Song Is Your Ex?

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There will always be that one movie, book, food item, cafe or place that will remind you of an ex. We've all been there. But there's one pop culture product that's sure to remind you of a terrible or annoying ex: a song. 

Whether that song is equally terrible or annoying is beside the point. You'll end up hating that tune, for sure. We're also sure that the song is about love and its different permutations. For example, couples who have a "theme song" often choose songs about accidentally discovering love, falling in love again or finally finding the love they want. When they break up, though, that hopeful song turns into a bitter reminder connected to that particular ex. Now that's how an innocent song becomes terrible and annoying to you! 

But what if the song that triggers memories of your ex is indeed terrible and annoying to begin with? Maybe it's one of those repetitive dance club hits played at every bar in town. Did your ex dance to it, making it memorable in that aspect? Did you two make fun of that song together, an act which formed an endearing memory? Maybe that terrible song made you closer in some aspect. While you were together, it may have lost its annoying quality. But when you split up, the bitterness turns that quirky song into a hateful one for you again.

No matter the case, let's just move with it and see if any of these choices remind you of an ex. We picked some cheesy ones and cliché ones, of course. If it closely resembles your ex, tell this DJ, OK! Let's groove!

Were there a lot of "conceal, don't feel" moments in your relationship?

Most of the time, did you understand what your ex was talking about?

As a couple, did you both look forward to the weekend?

Did your ex move in repetitive manners that it looks so annoyingly choreographed?

You somehow knew your boo was cold from the start. So did that ever bother you?

Which of your ex's habits annoyed you the most?

Foodie fights: Was there a vegan or non-vegan tension there?

Did you "go through all the pain and strife" with that last one?

"Partyin' partyin' fun fun fun!" Does this sum up your relationship somewhat?

As the jealous type, were you irritated when others "come and dance beside" your ex?

Is your ex the type who gets one thought that "crystallizes like an icy blast"?

Did you feel that your ex won't care when you "get old and start losing your hair"?

Speaking of your ex's friends, were they good-looking?

"Me time" moments: Did you have that in the relationship or did the ex object to that concept?

Any money woes in that relationship?

Did you feel you were in a "kingdom of isolation" during the time you were together?

Speaking of emotional investments, did you "keep planting to find out which one grows" with your ex?

Between the two of you, who was "kickin' in the front seat" and who was always "sittin' in the back seat" while driving?

Was your ex speaking like they're mumbling in a foreign language?

Got issues of being too clingy?

Any old exes still hovering around your ex when you were together?

Pop culture quiz: Was there a "Star Wars" versus "Star Trek" thingie there?

Were you the "TGIF" kind of couple?

"And if you're good, I'll take you home with me," your ex said. Was this how your relationship started?

Confess! Did you cheat on your ex or did your ex cheat on you?

Was your ex so private that they kept "a secret no one knows"?

Whose fault was the breakup, really?

About manners, did your ex speak in a monotonously irritating voice?

Was your partner the type to "let it go" during moments when holding back doesn't cut it anymore?

Any last thoughts about that ex? Or last words?

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