What Tank Are You When You're Mad?

Zoe Samuel

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Tanks have existed in various forms for centuries, but our modern conception of the tank began with the "Water Carrier" project under Winston Churchill, so named to keep the true purpose of the production secret. Tank production evolved throughout the war, and was further redefined by the Cold War.

The Cold War was really a strategic dance without a war, and the steps that dance demanded that tanks be placed in strategic locations all over the world. Doing this meant that trains needed to fit on C-130 aircraft, on flatbed train cars and on flatbed trucks. They needed to withstand new and evolving kinds of projectiles, and with the advance of computer technology, foresee threats like IEDs before they strike. During the war in Iraq, an Israeli firm invented something called The Trophy System, which used a radar guided computer to shoot down rocket propelled grenades with a shotgun. Truly, the advance of the tank has been about a lot more than how many miles of enemy territory it covers. Tanks have adapted to needs and challenges unlike any other war engine, creating a huge family tree of tanks in every color of the rainbow.

When the red mist rises, and one's skin burns with rage, one feels like a tank: explosive, deliberate, and destructive. Which tank are you when you get mad? Take this quiz and find out!

How do you react when someone stops in place on the street without warning, to check their phone or something?

What happens in the moments after you get chewed out by your boss?

How do you handle it when someone accuses you of yelling when you feel you aren't raising your voice at all?

Which of these circumstances makes you feel cornered?

What would you do if a stranger walked up to you out of the blue and shoved you in order to provoke you?

How do you react when you realize you've made a mistake that will sabotage your own work?

What would you do if you saw someone kick a puppy?

What set you off when you were a teenager?

How were you bullied, when you were growing up?

How would you react if you were in a theater watching a long-anticipated movie and the person in the seat in front of you turned on their phone in full brightness, holding it up to film the screen, partially blocking your view?

What do you do when you're walking down a crowded or narrow flight of stairs and someone in front of you stops to take a phone call?

How do you respond when you're driving and someone in front of you doesn't respond to the light turning green in five seconds?

How would you react if you saw someone vandalizing your property?

How does it make you feel if a stranger curses at you?

What would you do if someone cut you in line at the post office, and refused to go to the back of the line?

How do you react when a stranger on the street approaches you to get you to convert to their religion?

How do you act when someone seated next to you on an airplane does not stop talking to you, after you ask them not to?

What do you do when you get mad at a politician on TV?

You've just been overcharged by a plumber. What next?

You were served an uncooked pizza in a restaurant. How do you react?

You were in a battle with another bidder for a house, and you just found out it was your friend, who knew, and won. What do you do next?

You trace a nasty rumor about yourself back to your ex. What do you do?

What do you think of people who use magic tricks to convince people that they are somehow a representative of God on Earth?

You booked a seat on a packed flight months ago, and on the day of they switch you into the most uncomfortable seat on the plane, without warning. What do you do?

On those days you get home from work feeling angry, what do you do to cool off?

How badly would someone have to mess up your shirt before you demand they pay to have it fixed or replaced?

How would you react if someone cut someone in line ahead of you, and the person ahead of you said it was OK without checking with you?

How would you confront a coworker who stole your idea and used it to get ahead?

What do you do when someone talks to you like you can hear them when you obviously can't?

What do you say when someone steps on your foot without apologizing?

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