What Taco Bell Menu Item Describes You in Bed?

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A lot of people look down on fast food. Ask some people, and they'll scoff and say they never eat fast food in a tone that suggests you're a monster for even asking. But the fast food industry makes billions and billions a year, so that means people are for real eating it and enjoying it every day. There's no shame in your fast food game! You go out and eat those fries and burgers and milkshakes if that's what you want. All things in moderation, right? Enjoying a few tacos with someone can be a real bonding experience. A little bit of cheese, some jalapenos, a sprinkle of hot sauce. There's potentially a lot going on in a simple meal at Taco Bell. Not to mention if you're with that special someone and you're capping off a fun day together.

Face it; you can't go wrong with some crunchy tacos or a Crunchwrap Supreme. But when the mood of the evening changes from Chalupa to Naked Chicken Chalupa, you might find yourself inspired by some of Taco Bell's vast and sometimes spicy menu. Want to know what it is on the Taco Bell menu that's the most like you in the bedroom? Take the quiz and see!

When the mood strikes and you're not at home, how do you handle the situation?

Has your kitchen table ever been used for more than serving dinner, if you catch our meaning?

Have you ever met someone for the very first time and brought them back to your place that same day?

Any chance you've ever bought an article of clothing that's only meant to be worn in the bedroom?

Give us a ballpark figure here. How many partners have you had in your life?

Nothing like a hike in the mountains, right? Ever had some sexy times in the outdoors?

Are you a master of foreplay or do you jump right into things?

We're not even tossing you a hint on this one. Do you know what "the lifestyle" is?

In a very traditional sense, you need two people to get busy but sometimes that's not enough. Ever included a third person?

Would you ever use an app like Tinder to meet someone just for a quick hookup?

Say you're on a date to a movie; what are you going to see if you're hoping to set the mood for later?

Some people find water very alluring. Ever gotten frisky in the water?

If your partner suggested heading to an adult theater sometime, would you be interested?

So let's say your whole family is at your house, grandma is in your room, there's no privacy anywhere. Where might you go to have some fun?

Have you ever hooked up with someone and then, later on, wondered what the heck you were thinking?

Have you ever hooked up with an ex after you broke up?

Would you ever hook up with a good friend's sibling?

They say age ain't nothing but a number. Would you ever hook up with someone more than 20 years older than you?

Have you ever committed any of your sexy times to film?

If your partner is out of town, would you engage in a little sexting to pass the time?

Have you ever ordered an adult toy of some kind on the internet?

So can we look at your browser history?

When it comes to fantasies, who are you most preoccupied with?

Do you have any fantasies you wouldn't share with your partner?

Do you have any fetishes that you know other people might consider weird?

Would you ever put on a show with your partner for other people to watch?

What do you have in the drawer of your nightstand right now?

When was the last time you watched a dirty video on the internet?

If it was up to you, how often would you be having some sexy fun times?

So are you down with dirty talk?

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