What Taco Bell Menu Item Are You?

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Everyone love's Taco Bell's confidence as a company. When every other fast-food company was trying to prove that they could make healthy menu items, Taco Bell invented another meal to help those who refused the health craze in America. Fourth meal brought even more menu items targeting those who loved to douse everything in cheese. Not only was this a great marketing twist, it reminded people that it was okay to indulge every once in a while.

However, the Taco Bell menu isn't just about dumping cheese onto carbs and calling it delicious (that works too, but there is more). Taco Bell has created some delicious combinations with their limited ingredients, and these combinations have become so well known that they have taken on personalities for themselves. They're spicy, cheesy, saucy and bean-y. OK, that might take it a little far. Ahem.

Think of it this way: They say you are what you eat, but we think outside the bun (as long as there aren't any copyright issues). We say that you're a food based on your everyday choices. Sure, you could be many different kinds of food, but if your personality dictated that you were a Taco Bell menu item, which one would it be? Answer these questions and we'll tell you!

Let's begin by exploring how you are when you're alone. What do you do to relax?

Do you often talk to yourself?

If someone calls you while you're in the middle of watching a movie, what do you do?

Do you live alone?

Now, let's talk about how you describe yourself. Which one of these is the perfect word to match your personality?

All right, which one of these things is likely to cool you down if you're angry?

Would you consider yourself an angry person?

Is there anything you can't do?

Now we need to know what you do for fun. Do you think you have a lot of friends?

When you go out, how big is your group?

Do you think it's important to make people happy?

Do you think you're good at making people happy?

Which of these sounds like the best night ever?

When you're out, do you try to meet new people?

Do you enjoy going out?

For the next few questions, we want to learn about how you are at work. Would you say that you have a strong work ethic?

Is there any reason you might quit your job?

Are you proud of the work you do?

Do you think you're underpaid?

Now let's talk about your family. How important is your family?

How would your family describe you?

Does your family try to tell you what to do?

Do you think you're the crazy one in the family?

To end the quiz, we're going to ask some seemingly random questions, but these are really important. Would you ever cover yourself in cheese?

As a Taco Bell menu item, how much do you think you're worth?

If you ordered a Nacho Bell Grande, which ingredient would you tell them to hold?

Have you ever made a mess and kept it a secret?

When you were young, which of these was most important to you?

Would you ever want to be the POTUS?

Do you think it's important to find your own way in life?

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