What Superhero Are You Sexually Compatible With?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Marvel Studios

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Superheroes became a hot commodity around the year 2000, when special effects finally got good enough to depict them on screen. Before then, superheroes were confined to the pages of comic books, ancient TV shows like The Incredible Hulk, and animated shows like Batman Beyond. Once the new generation of computer graphics became practical, as demonstrated by Spider-Man in 2002, the genre of the superhero movie came into its own.

All major comic books companies have made movies about their superhero properties, from Image Comics' Spawn to DC's Superman to Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since this began, we've had a much clearer picture of who the superheroes are as people. Personality is the most attractive part of any person, and when it comes to superheroes, most of their major qualities are the same. All superheroes are in degrees of excellent shape. All superheroes have a cool party trick, and at least a one-liner or two. Just about the only thing that helps us differentiate between them is that not all superheroes yet have movies.

You may think you have a type, but does that extend to people who are definitively one-of-a-kind? Would you be willing to sacrifice your lifestyle to be with a boo who fights crime? Would the sex be worth it? Take this quiz and find out with which superhero you're sexually compatible!

Which of the Avengers has the best powers?

How do you feel about virginal partners?

Who is the hottest of the X-Men?

How "up for it" are you when a partner floats trying something you've never tried?

What do you think of Tony Stark?

How do you feel about being in the passenger seat?

Which was the best Spider-Man title?

How important is it that you have a real emotional connection with your partners?

What's the best setting for the final battle of a superhero movie?

Where do you fit in your employer's pecking order?

Is age important to you?

How has your style of kink changed over time?

How important is it that your partner be creative?

How do you like your lovers' physiques?

In which place would you most like to live with your partner?

How do you like to dress for playing around with your partners?

Do you mind if your lover isn't "on" all the time?

How virtuous do you like your lovers?

How much are your lovers your opposite number?

How difficult are the physical acts you have planned?

Knowing who has ignited your passion in the past, would you be willing to be seen in public with someone who totally and completely satisfied you?

How important to you is the quality and amount of dialogue while playing?

How important to you is the wealth of a romantic partner?

When playtime reaches its end, what should happen next?

What sort of friends are you willing to tolerate from a lover?

If you got your hands on The Infinity Gauntlet, what would you do with it?

What strength are you willing to cede to a partner?

Which of the X-Men should leave the band and start a solo career?

Which lifestyle would you be willing to tolerate?

Which kind of superheroes do you prefer, the DC kind who are meant to be less like real people and more like archetypes of gods, or the Marvel variety, who are meant to be more like regular people?

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