What Summer Fruit Are You?

Kristin Tolentino

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When you think about it, summer is a pretty amazing season. Sure, it may be hot and humid, but you can't beat the taste of fresh summer fruits! From frozen smoothies to tasty salads, there are so many ways to enjoy them. But which summer fruit is the berry best for your personality? To find out, you'll want to take this quiz.

By knowing which summer fruit suits your character, you'll be able to appreciate it in an entirely new way. After all, every kind of fruit has a different texture and flavor. It's a lot like how humans have different personalities, preferences and habits. Each person is totally unique — just like every fruit. 

There is something particularly grape about summer fruits, though. They're not only delicious and nutritious, but beautiful as well. From bright yellow pineapples to vibrant red strawberries, summer fruits literally look like summer. Oh, and did we mention that they're delicious?

In this quiz, we will talk about your favorite fruits and summer activities. We'll also discuss how you like to eat fruit. Once you're done, let us take care of the rest. We'll examine your answers and determine which summer fruit is your match. Let's get this quiz started!

Time for some fun in the sun! What's your favorite summer activity?

What's your favorite way to eat fruit?

You just picked fresh strawberries. What will you do with them?

Where do you usually buy your fruit?

What do you think about kiwis?

Let's make a fruit cobbler. What fruit will you use?

What will you top a fruit cobbler with?

So, have you ever made fruit-infused water?

Do you prefer green or red grapes?

Which of the following fruits do you eat most often?

During the summer, where do you like to swim?

If you had to eat fruit with ice cream, what would you pick?

Aside from fruits, what's your favorite summer BBQ dish?

Tell us, which citrus fruit do you like most?

What about stone fruits? Which is your favorite?

It's time to eat tortilla chips. Would you like mango salsa?

Which fruit tastes best with chocolate?

How often do you eat fruit?

Berries are delicious. What kind do you like best?

You're making a veggie salad. What fruit will you add?

Which of the following summer veggies do you prefer?

Guava is a tropical fruit. Have you ever tried it before?

Let's eat a frozen treat. Which one do you prefer?

Are you adventurous? Would you try an exotic fruit?

Which of these fruits do you dislike most?

What's your go-to summer beverage?

Which type of pie makes you drool?

When it comes to fruit, what's your favorite form?

What meal do you like to eat fruit with?

Which of these banana dishes do you like best?

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