What Style of Beauty Are You?

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When an urban beauty wears a classic dress, she still looks urban. Likewise, a classic beauty can put on some jeans and a hoodie, and she will again look classic. The distinct beauty personality each of us has defines the way we look no matter how we dress or what sort of makeup we wear. Whether you feel like dressing up today or not, your beauty style is with you – yes, even when you're at home wearing your favorite sweatpants. 

There are numerous kinds of beauty. Even a single person doesn't look the same all the time. Some days we might change our hairstyle or color or use a little more makeup than usual, or put on clothes we've never worn before, but most of us have a style of beauty that we always lean toward, regardless of current trends. 

The look that fits your style of beauty is the one you should go for if you want to "be the best version of yourself." Knowing your natural, personal beauty style means always knowing how to dress up when you want to look your best. With so many variations of beauty in the world, discovering your beauty style may be confusing. 

Take this quiz to clarify once and for all – what style of beauty are you?

What do you usually wear on your lips?

What is your ultimate makeup secret?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what is the first thing you see?

You've slept in and you're an hour late for work. What do you do?

What do people compliment you on the most?

What's your go-to hairstyle when you want to look your best?

When are you most confident?

Where do you get inspiration for your look most of the time?

Which of these adjectives would your friends use to describe your style?

How often do you change your hair color?

What physical feature do you like best about yourself?

You notice a person looking at you. What's your first thought?

How would your family describe your personality?

What sort of people do you usually attract?

What makes someone instantly unattractive, no matter how good they may look?

What are you most likely to dress up as for a costume party?

You're meeting your friends for a drink, and you know a cute waiter you like a lot will be working that night. What do you wear?

How much would you change about yourself if you could?

What's your approach to makeup?

Someone just called you gorgeous. What is your first reaction?

How do people you have a crush on usually react when they see you?

Which style would you never consider trying?

What does your bedroom look like most of the time?

Are you satisfied with your body type?

How often do people call you beautiful?

What do you do when you hear about a new makeup trend?

Are you happy with the way your skin looks?

What is the most crucial part of looking good?

Do you think you are beautiful?

Do you like to accessorize your daily outfits?

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